Gro Baby with Snaps

*Update: The GroBaby diaper is now sold under the brand GroVia.

The Natural Baby Co sent me the snap version of the Gro Baby to try. They were also kind enough to send a package of Bio Soakers, their new environmentally friendly disposable insert. The Bio Soakers haven’t hit stores yet and aren’t available for purchase until the end of September. In fact, the video you are about to watch is the first look at the soakers, ever. I am thrilled that Gro Baby has let me release the video ahead of the launch of the Bio Soaker. I hope you get as excited about the potential of Bio Soakers as I am, and that you order yourself a package as soon as they are available. You will be glad you did!  

Ease of Use ✰✰✰ Gro Baby with snaps not only has a snapping system for closure, but it also has snap in cloth inserts. The closure only has one row of snaps, which in the case of diaper changes, is a good thing.  You have 4 snaps on the waist to close, opposed to 6-8 on other diapers, but you also have to snap a soaker out and snap another in during changes unless you have a new cover with a soaker already snapped in and ready to go.  You will also have to ensure that the soaker is placed in correctly so that there are no leaks.  But, it is certainly not the most complicated diaper out there.  As with all snapping diapers, you get the hang of it.  Just make sure you have a toy for that baby to play with while he gets changed, trust me.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰✰ Since Gro Baby now offers a disposable insert, you are buying a hybrid system now.  You get a diaper capable of being both a cloth diaper, and an environmentally friendly disposable.  On top of that, Gro Baby is an All in Two, meaning you can reuse the shell and replace the wet inserts with a clean one.  This cuts down on cost (per Gro Baby using their system with cloth soakers runs 19.00 a month which is less than a pack of disposables) and it cuts down on laundry since you can reuse the shell 3-4 times before washing.  You also have the ability to buy the biosoakers for when you are traveling and cannot use cloth diapers.  They are also great for babysitters, daycare, laundry day, and when baby has a rash and needs diaper cream.

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ The Shell and cloth soakers get a five star rating for performance.  I have yet to have a leak with Gro Baby, even overnight.  At night I use the fleece topped booster which keeps wetness away from the baby’s skin and acts as a doubler for more absorbency.  The organic cotton soakers are really absorbent.  Another bonus of having organic cotton and not a synthetic liner is that there is a lower risk of your diapers repelling.  The bio soaker gets 4 stars because you cannot use them overnight unless you double them up.  I used one on my son and he woke up with a wet spot on the back of his onesie.  The great thing about them having only 5 grams of SAP gel (versus 10-20 with disposables) also means they aren’t as absorbent as a disposable.  They work great for day time though, and I plan on using these as my new travel solution for when I can’t take cloth.  They really are great, just not the best for overnight.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ Gro Baby is one of very few one size diapers that can fit babies around 8 pounds.  The waist snaps cross over, but since there is only one row, you are lacking the ability to adjust the waist tighter than the thighs for chunkier babies.  This would be a nice addition since Gro Baby has a tighter fit on the thighs that most diapers.  If you have a REALLY chunky thighed baby you may want to buy one Gro Baby to try before you make an investment in an entire system.  The snaps are also great because there is no chance of having curled aplix tabs rub against your baby’s skin, which has happened twice with my other Gro Baby diapers.

Overall- Once again, I love the newest Gro Baby releases. The snaps make washing simpler (no attaching laundry tabs or diaper chains) and they will be more durable over time. I already loved the Gro Baby system with cloth inserts, and I am ecstatic about the new Bio Soakers. I remember when Gro Baby first released everyone was clamoring for disposable inserts. Now, it is a perfect hybrid system. I am just ready for the new prints to release! Then they will have it all! I really can’t wait to see what The Natural Baby Co. comes out with next. They keep innovating cloth diapers so I’m sure they have something up their sleeve…

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