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GreenChild Creations

It’s been a while since I have posted a cloth diaper video review. If you are a regular reader you know that my family and I moved and we’ve been working on home renovations. Now that things are slowing down I am happy to finally get a few more videos ready for you! This one is for Greenchild Creations One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper in flannel. I received the diaper a few months ago so I’ve been able to test it thoroughly and figure it out. This diaper is a One Size Fitted that is pretty ingenious in it’s design. There are no snaps, velcro, or ties. The diaper can either be secured by pins or by a snug fitting cover. The wings are VERY generous and overlap on Everett so I’ve been preferring just using a snug cover. The sizing is also fairly unique in that there is a long flap in the front that stuffs into itself to control the rise. How you stuff it will also affect how absorbent the diaper will be. Being flannel means the colorful prints will pill over time but the diaper remains soft over many washes.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ There are several reasons this diaper isn’t the kind you grab in a hurry. I’ve had several moments where I’ve wanted to use it but though… eh…. next time… because it would require more time than my pockets. When you first get the diaper you’ll want to “dry fit” it and decide where the rise should come by trying it on your baby or comparing it side by side to another fitting diaper and folding the rise to that level. Or, if you are like me, just guess what looks right and adjust it when it is on the baby. If you do this method it is easier to go smaller then pull some out to increase the rise rather than leave too much then try to stuff more in when it is on the baby. When you are ready to secure the diaper onto the baby there are a couple of ways to do so. The first would be using diaper pins. The second would be to hold the wings sercurely around the baby’s waist and close a snug fitting diaper cover over the top. I found that my Applecheeks covers worked really great for this.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ I appreciate the thought and design of the diapers however I can’t say it is the most affordable option if you are looking for a flannel fitted with a retail of $12.00. When it comes to buying cloth diapers and looking for the best “bang for the buck” you can find flannel fitteds for less but they might not be made as well as Greenchild Creations. It is definitely less than a brand name pocket diaper and it you need a diaper that should last from newborn to toddler that will last a long time this would fit the bill, just keep in mind that you will also need to purchase covers.  I love supporting WAHM’s for the hard work they put into their products and did enjoy using the diaper.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ The design of these diapers was based on the creator’s need for an absorbent fitted for her own child. Here is where I admit that my son is NOT a super heavy wetter so I could not test the diapers to their advertised limits. I did leave the diaper on, unplanned, for several hours one day when we were out running errands and it was very heavy and soaked. Between the diaper absorbing everything and the awesome cover (Applecheeks) there were no leaks. Overnight the diaper worked for us but again, Everett isn’t a heavy wetter and he often waits to pee until after he wakes up so he never wakes with a sopping wet diaper.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ The design of these diapers makes it so that it will fit any size baby. The wings and rise are more than generous (although keep in mind the higher the rise the less folded over fabric you have to help with more absorbency, but it is made way longer than you will need with extra fabric to spare). I’ve played with the fit and folded it to a tiny size and it would be great for new babies under a little newborn cover too.
Overall: I do have mixed feelings on the diaper just because I know there are easier systems out there. I like the fabric choice because it doesn’t hold onto stink like microfiber and because it is so trim it washes and dries faster than most diapers. It will fade and pill over many washes and won’t hold onto that “new” look like other fitted fabrics so if you are looking to buy something for a cute print that might not be the best diaper for that. It is a good utilitarian diaper that happens to come in cute prints as a bonus. If you don’t like the idea of pinning or using a cover there is an option to add snaps or aplix for an extra charge when ordering.
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