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Grasshopper Diapers AIO

Update: This brand is no longer being made.
Call it laziness, but I had seen Grasshopper Diapers around here and there and never clicked to actually look at their diapers.  It was a brand I wasn’t familiar with at all.  When Lisa asked about a review I went to the website and was really impressed by the diapers I saw.  I’m very glad I reviewed their Quick Dry Bamboo All in One diaper.  I get a great feeling about their company just from our interactions.  Lisa was very helpful in helping pick a size that would fit Ev.  The diapers are Side Snapping All in Ones and come in size Small, Medium, or Large.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The Grasshopper AIO is a side snapping diaper. If you have read my reviews in the past then you know already that I consider side snaps to be harder to learn and use than front closing diapers. The soaker is also more than an extra step. I had mixed success with it staying snapped during the washing/drying process. If it stayed then I only had to fold the sides under in preparation for putting away. If it came loose I had to re-snap it in after finding it in my laundry basket, and then put away or put on my son. Be careful when transporting the diaper, if you just hold it from one end then the soaker will come unfolded. I learned from experience.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The retail cost of a Grasshopper AIO is 22.95 for a Small, 23.95 for a Medium, and 24.95 for a Large. This isn’t way out there by any means, last week I reviewed a 29.00 diaper. If you were to use these exclusively and needed each size then yes, it would cost a lot of money. But most of us like to mix in more expensive diapers with our inexpensive ones. If you want to use these the most it makes sense to buy Mediums- of all diaper sizes babies are in those the longest. Many children never even make it to a Large. Reasons for the higher cost include the fact that they are made in Canada and workers receive a fair wage, they use quality materials (organic cotton/bamboo), and they are made to last from what I can tell.  The insides have washed up very soft with no pilling so far.  {I also used these diapers on my toddler overnight and they worked.  He only wets a little bit when he goes.  In theory they can pull up and down like a trainer since they snap on the sides, but the soaker tends to move around in the process so it has to be done carefully}
Performance ✩✩✩ The way these diapers are designed can mean good or bad things in terms of leaks/ leak prevention. The entire inside of the diaper has organic cotton/bamboo, from tip to tip. I LOVE this because it means it is soft for the baby all around and there is little chance of any PUL touching their skin. Some kids are sensitive to this. In my case, it also contributed to some leaking through the tab. The moisture went right to the end of the tab and was wable to wick out to my son’s clothing if he was wearing any. Remember that he is a boy so he is peeing closer to the front of the diaper. When I would change him I could see where it was wet and it was concentrated at the front, then slowly moved to one or both tabs, usually just one. When this happened (Only 3 times, and we had 2 diapers to review for several weeks to give you an idea) it was fairly minimal but enough that if I had him on my hip I felt it twice on myself (which is how I was alerted to the issue). I don’t want to go into anatomy details but let’s just say he doesn’t point down as far as some boys might.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ When I read the size chart I was honestly not sure where Everett would would belong. Mediums would possible be too small, and the Large would possibly be too big. I spoke to Lisa about it and she suggested the Large. This was the size that definitely fit, though I suspect a Medium would have worked but he would have been on one of the last settings for it. Once he grows more I also think the Large will start looking trimmer. He has lots of room in the waist and the rise isn’t too short so that has more room too. It looked very comfortable for him, there were never any red marks, something I appreciate. And like I mentioned before, the inside is all nice and soft.  There are no snaps exposed to the baby at all.  Sometimes we forget that babies might not like those snaps, even the smooth sides, touching their skin.  The thought that went into making these diapers comfortable is very clear.

Ev showing off his Grasshopper

Overall: Even after mentioning that we had a leak I think it is important to stress that diapers all fit different babies differently. I have used plenty of diapers that worked great for us but leaked for others, and the other way around. The leaks were so infrequent that I didn’t fear using the diapers, in fact I reach for them quite a bit. Side Snapping, Sized diapers looks cleaner than One Size front closing. He actually showed off his Grasshopper at the NY State Fair. It was so hot that we left him without pants.  Drying time was no longer than any of my other diapers thanks to the folding soaker design, something I LOVE.  I also like that they have fun solid colors and coordinating snaps, even the two snaps on the butt make a cute addition and serve a purpose.

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Grasshopper Diapers sent 2 of their Size Large Quick Dry Bamboo AIO’s for review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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