Goodmama ONE- New All in One from GM!

Can you feel the ripples of excitement in the cloth diapering world?  Goodmama, the makers of the most sought after fitted diapers, are finally coming out with an All-in-one diaper!  This company is famous for their fitteds in the most adorable prints, colors, and styles.  Their diapers fetch crazy prices on the For Sale or Trade forums, one reaching the 300.00 mark for one diaper.  Yes, you read correctly, 300.00.  Many people on the internet have also lined their own pockets by buying up rare GM’s and selling them for a premium.  Didn’t know there was a cloth diaper black market?  Now you do!

When newcomers to cloth diapering come across this brand, the question always comes up, “Why would you buy a $35.00 diaper and then cover it up?”  There are many ways to answer this.

1.  They don’t cover it up!  Many parents (like myself) tend to go coverless around the house.  Goodmamas are very absorbent and can hold a great deal of pee before feeling wet on the outside.

2.  They feel satisfaction in knowing underneath that cover, wool or PUL, there is an amazingly cute diaper.

3.  They buy Goodmamas because they work so well, the prints (if it has one) are a bonus.

I will admit not understanding the obsession with GMs.  I own one that I bought from Diaperswappers on FSOT.  It is Pollock, a tie dye print.  I needed to understand the hype and see for myself.  I will admit to being overwhelmed by the snaps!  I am still frustrated with the amount of work it takes to put on a Goodmama.  Then, add a cover to it!  The good news:  I have never ever had a leak overnight with one.  They work well!

So, am I going to buy into the hype and try Goodmama ONE?  Absolutely.  There aren’t many diapers I will buy now that my stash is “complete.”  This is a diaper I need to try, just to say I have.  Their claim to fame -prints- will be used on these diapers.  They will be a cotton knit with a hidden waterproof layer.  These types of diapers, ala Piddle Poddles AI2’s, are famous for wicking.  Has Goodmama come up with a solution to fix this?  If so, please sign me up!

Will you be buying ONE?  Do you think the GM obsession is crazy?  Any other thoughts?  Please share by leaving a comment!  I would love to hear what you think!

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