Funky Fluff LUX 3-in-1 Review

3 Ease of Use
5 Bang for the Buck
4 Performance
4 Fit

Fall marks the beginning of cooler temperatures for most of the country, as folks dig out their boots and scarves. For me it was only weeks ago that I bothered taking the cover off the pool as it is finally a reasonable temperature for my baby to be out in the sun every day. I wish I had the cash to spring for one of those fancy outdoor patios made of compressed rubber pavers, our backyard is mostly concrete and with Autumn learning to walk I get very nervous letting her play and explore. Harper doesn’t know it yet, but my husband is planning to build her a wooden deck/sunporch/platform for her playhouse to keep it from collecting rain water on her outdoor rug and to provide a sense of structure in a large yard. I have my own plans to update her house, and on her birthday there will be a special breakfast cupcake waiting for her inside. What do you do to make your backyard fun for your littles? How do you deal with crawlers/walkers/daredevils in a less than ideal environment?

Funky Fluff Lux new prints
Today I’m sharing a new review for Funky Fluff, they’ve come up with an amazing updated series called LUX (and, spoiler alert, it IS luxurious!) and I have been so impatient to show you their new prints, Chantilly and Maritime! They released the prints without a name and let the fans choose, I think that is so cool and the names are perfect.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ These diapers have the capability of being relatively easy or complicated, based on your preference and your child’s needs. The diaper system includes a pocket with openings at either end and snaps to secure the soakers. You also receive two crazy thick soakers, one larger and one smaller, but both generously sized. You can snap the soakers together and stuff them then snap them in place (which is what I do for Autumn since she tends to need a lot of absorbency and I like the way it is all held neatly in place) or you can use just one of the soakers, you can stuff the pocket without snapping, or you can snap without stuffing (to use as an all-in-two). The soakers are contoured which helps with absorbency and is great for even the biggest messes but can make stuffing a bit intensive, I found it a struggle to get both soakers into the pocket each time, it usually required quite a bit of smoothing out on either side. I’m really glad there are openings at the front and the back to make adjustments easy. I found that I preferred to remove the inserts before washing to help them wash and dry easily, but it’s possible, especially with just one insert, to leave them snapped in place. If you prefer something simpler, stick with one insert or use the all-in-two option. I love that this diaper is so easy to customize for your needs.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At $24.45 for a full system from Canada, I think this price is very reasonable considering the quality of the materials. You can choose either a bamboo terry option or a stay dry option (which is a dollar cheaper, too!) if your baby is sensitive to wetness. I found both to be equally absorbent and can’t pick a favorite.

Old Funky fluff and New Funky Fluff Lux insides

Performance ✩✩✩✩ With Autumn, I use this diaper with both inserts and I can trust it to last for naps and even overnight without issue. I was initially concerned there would be compression leaks since the pair of inserts seems to fill the diaper pocket snugly, but I have not experienced any leaks with this diaper at all! One of the updates in design includes a waterproof band at the interior front which is probably a big help with this. Harper is using diapers part time now, usually just when we are out of the house or at night, and with her I use one insert snapped in place and even one can manage a well hydrated toddler for several hours of running errands without issue. That is something I cannot say about some of the other “thicker” all in one or all in two styles she’s been wearing. I will say the bamboo terry takes a longer time to dry, I generally start with drying it on the line with my other diapers and inserts and if it is not dry when I collect the laundry I will toss it in the dryer with some wool dryer balls and whatever laundry I happen to be drying (usually towels or my husband’s clothes) to make sure the super absorbent material is completely ready to be used again.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This diaper comes with four rise snap options and two rows of waist snaps as well as hip snaps and crossover snaps for trim tummies. I much prefer diapers with hip snaps for Harper, as a skinny toddler she will inevitably suffer from “wing droopage” if she does not have a hip snap to keep the sides of the diaper up and in place. With my baby Autumn this is less of an issue, she’s a bit of a chunker and doesn’t have the same issues as her sister. I am happy to report that this diaper fits her quite nicely as well, and there is definitely plenty of room to grow. If both inserts are used there is more of a fluffy profile and I’d suggest roomier clothes but it is still very cute and if you need something trimmer just use one insert, it is very absorbent on it’s own.

Overall: These diapers are very soft and absorbent as well as adorable! I love the updated features, the fun prints, and the high quality materials and craftsmanship. These diapers make a great gift, since even one or two would help any parent know that they have a “bulletproof” option available, and they would also be a great stash diaper since they can be customized to be easier for daycare or babysitters, more absorbent for night, trimmer for day, or just how you like them all the time! If you know someone who is struggling with their diaper routine and needs something to help them love cloth diapers again, this might be a great gift for them, because no matter how you use them they seem to do their job really well!

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet