For the Cloth Diapering Dads- Happy Father’s Day!

an change a diaper, even cloth, in under 2 minutes!


oves the velcro diapers, but doesn’t complain about snaps!


ften forgets to attach the laundry tabs.


akes all the “easy” diapers first.


opes it isn’t a poopy diaper…..



oesn’t have to take out bags full of stinking disposables to the curb.


nstinctually removes inserts from pockets before putting them in the wet bag.


lways gets the different terms confused, but in a cute way.


uts the wrong kind of diaper on sometimes, but hey, he is trying!


ven knows many brand names of cloth diapers.


emembers to leave wool out of the diaper pail, most of the time.


s grossed out by disposables and thinks they are a waste of money and landfill.


ever complains about spending too much on diapers.


ives coworkers talks about why they too should use cloth diapers.



igs having his kid in cute diapers.


lways lets Mom do the diaper laundry, but only because he fears messing it up.


eserves a special award for being awesome and understanding.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the Cloth Diapering Dads; whether they be active participants, unwilling but coaxable partners, or even just the financial backers of the obsession.

And of course a special Happy Father’s Day to my own husband.  He has been very supportive of cloth diapers (among other things) and has been the backbone of DDL since the very first day.  I love you Steven!  

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