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Hi! I’m Molly, mom to Madeline, a 16 month old firecracker who keeps me on my toes. I’m new to the blogging world, but http://www.momma-molly.com is my place on the web to share my thoughts on parenting, healthy eating, natural childbirth and of course – cloth diapering! Feel free to stop by! 


Maddie in a Bum Genius at 12 weeks
Maddie in a Bum Genius at 12 weeks

How long have you been cloth diapering? I started CDing when my daughter was born in February of last year. So, 16 months and counting!


What made you decide to start? Honestly, it was the cute diapers. I was browsing a baby community when I was pregnant with my daughter and ran across a cloth diapering forum. I couldn’t believe all the options that were available! When I did my research and found out how much money I could save and how much better CDs are for babies bottoms, I was sold. 


Maddie in a Happy Heineys OS at 16 months
Maddie in a Happy Heineys OS at 16 months

What was your first purchase and why? I did some research on the best diapers for newborns and settled on a batch of size 0 kissaluvs and some Bummis super whisper wraps. I’m going to make a confession and admit that I used disposables for the first couple weeks of my little Peanut’s life, but once I ran out of my last pack of free disposables, I jumped into CDing with both feet – night time and all!


How much do you think you have spent on your diapers total?  This includes all children… I haven’t kept track, but probably upwards of $700. I’ve bought a lot new, and some used from diaper swaps. I feel really good about the fact that I’ll be able to use most of my stash for future children. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to justify yet another cloth diaper purchase!


Molly's Gorgeous Stash!
Molly's Gorgeous Stash!




Have your family/ friends been supportive? Yes! When I was still pregnant, I could tell they were just smiling and nodding, I don’t think anyone expected me to actually stick with it. My mom keeps my daughter two days a week when I work and she’s been great about it. I save my good pockets and AIOs for my work days!


What has been the most rewarding aspect of cding? Where do I start? Firstly, I love knowing that I’m saving my family money and doing something good for my baby. On a lighter note, I’m obsessed with coordinating diapers with her little sundresses, it makes me happy to see her little bum wrapped in soft cloth and bright, happy colors. I’ve also been blessed to connect with some awesome cloth diapering moms that I have a continuing relationship with.


What is your favorite diaper to use? This is a mult-faceted question! The diaper I reach for depends on the situation.

Regular day-time use: We love fitteds and covers. I still use Kissaluvs and recently have come to love Thirsties Fab Fitteds. The only covers I will use are Thirsties and Bummis Super Brites. I absolutely must have gussets in my covers! In my humble opinion, Bummis Super Brites are the ultimate cover.

Out and about or at the babysitters: BumGenius pockets. They are the most absorbant, so I know I can go at least three or four hours between changes if we are out and about and they are super easy for nursery workers, baby sitters and family. I recently tried the new BG AIO organic snap diapers and I’m in love! They aren’t quite as absorbant as the pockets, but the snaps make them so easy to use and there are no inserts to mess with.

Night-time: We’ve experimented with so many types of diapers for night use. Only one combination is guaranteed to keep our sheets and baby dry for a 12 hour stretch. One-size fitteds and covers! Right now I love the Drybees organic fitteds and (of course!) the Bummis Super Brite cover. If I use a sized fitted fitted for night time, I have to add a doubler or insert.


What has been the biggest challenge to your success at cding?  (ie, washing, money, leakage, fit, etc)  At the beginning, it was just figuring out what worked for us. If I hadn’t already invested so much money and didn’t feel like I had something to prove to my friends and family, I may have quit. I thought that I would love prefolds and covers, but I could just never get a good fit for my newborn. Covers without gussets resulted in leaks and blowouts that made me question my decision. Once I found diapers that actually worked for us, I loved it!

Recently, I’ve had a bad spell adjusting to my new HE washer. I stuck with it and think I’ve finally found a routine that my diapers like.


And anything else you want to discuss!!!  I’ve had a great experience in my cloth diaper “journey”. I’m the first to admit that cloth diapering is harder than using disposables, but the benefits are too numerous to ignore. If you are new to cloth diapering, please know that there is definitely a learning curve. Just because you have a few leaks and washing problems in your first couple months, don’t assume it’s “not for you”. Commit to sticking it out for a few months and I promise you’ll love it too!

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