Fluffy Christmas Families Have Been Picked!

After a few weeks of agonizing over applications, the families who will be receiving diapers for Fluffy Christmas have been chosen.  Charlene from Tiny Tush and Marisa from Growing Green Bums helped make the decision.  It was one of the hardest decisions any of us have ever made.  I think I speak for them when I say that.  Every family who applied was in need.  Cloth diapers are an excellent way to save money, but as most of us are aware, the start up cost can be as low as 150.00 but is usually 200-400 dollars.  While the boxes do not contain enough diapers that these families are set for an entire child’s diapering span from birth to potty training, I can say for the most part the families receiving them will be set for the time being until the next stage.

Some families have received a full kit with 10-30 diapers.  These could be All in Ones, Pockets, Prefolds and covers, wool, or a mixture.  Each box reflects the needs of the family.  No boy baby will be getting a pink diaper, I hope!  I tried very hard to make sure the lavender and pink diapers stayed with baby girls!

I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed by the response of cloth diaper companies.  I have always known that our community sticks together and supports one another.  It has been a pleasure to work with everyone who made this possible.  Thanks to them there are ten, TEN families receiving cloth diapers!!!  I started out thinking I could help one family.  Every company I wrote I asked for one diaper.  I envisioned a basket full of an assortment of brands.  Instead I had companies sending me dozens of diapers.  Some companies provided enough diapers to provide for 1, 2, even 3 families alone!  I am especially grateful to them.

I will be giving you all a detailed look at the diapers and a list of everyone who donated.  I hope you will check them all out.  Some of these companies are WAHMs, and some are the “big” companies who started off small.  All of them depend on us to keep them going!

The families chosen have been notified.  Those who applied and weren’t picked have also been sent an email, though some of them shot back to me.  I truly wish I could have sent 70 families diapers (though it may have killed me, I had to carry ten large boxes down 2 flights of stairs today!)  A friend of mine asked me if I was prepared for the response I got.  I answered that I definitely was not, and I am thrilled, but also exhausted from working on this.  In fact, I still have a lot of work to do so I should get to it.

Please join me in thanking all of the people involved, and congratulating the families who will get a special gift this Holiday Season!

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