Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 3

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As we all dive deeper and deeper into the Flats and Handwashing Challenge I’m sure there are lots of thoughts running around inside our heads.  I’m going to express mine in the Vlog but here are my main points for those who dislike watching videos. You can catch Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed them.

The impetus for this challenge was to show that it is possible to handwash diapers and spend less than 100$ (even more than that but it depends on what you buy) to cloth diaper.

I will admit that because I know when this week is over I can use my washer/dryer again it is already flawed.  The imposition is merely temporary.  That being said, I wanted to explore the logistics.  Do the diapers get clean?  Will they dry in a reasonable amount of time?  Is the Camp Style Washer, sink method, bath tub method even possible?  Are flats really a diaper that people can rely on?

Yes to most of those questions.  In my life so far, yes to them all.  However there are some people who are struggling with drying time.  Humidity and temperatures are causing some diapers to still be wet after 10, 20, even 35 hours in some cases.  Now, we all have to figure out how to speed up that process.

There are far more practical reasons that this Challenge is a good idea.

Emergency Preparedness:

In case of of major natural disaster, what diapering method will you be using?  If you already cloth diaper, chances are you don’t want to buy disposables.  And even if you do, there is a good chance your local store may run out or be running low.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stash of flats and covers ready?  You can wash them by hand and air dry them, just as we are doing now for the Challenge.  If fresh water is hard to come by this is another issue, but if it is just electricity you are lacking this is a very viable option.

Experience for Travel or Camping:

If you love cloth diapers like I do, and believe they are better for your baby than a disposable, you are hesitant to switch to sposies when traveling.  I do understand that sometimes cloth can’t be done, that is one reason disposables can be handy.  But when sposies aren’t an answer then flats might be your best bet!  They can pack flat, and you can wash them in a hotel bathtub or sink and hang them to dry over the shower every night.  If you are camping, why not bring along that handy Camp Style Washer for your trip.  It will work for your clothes and your diapers!


If I truly want to understand the limitations of cloth diapering and what is and isn’t possible, shouldn’t I try the “hard” way?  I need to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, to prove or disprove that handwashing cloth diapers is possible or that Flats are a great way to diaper on a budget.  A week is nothing.  I know that I get to go back to my washing machine so the experiment is already flawed.  Still, the experience will be valuable.  If I can’t do it for a week then I shouldn’t expect anyone, SAHM or WAHM, mom of 1 or mom of 10, to do it.  Flats have already taught me a lot about how a baby can be diapered to next to nothing.  If nothing else, I know that there is a way to diaper for far less than 100$, free even.


For whatever reason, this Challenge has caught on!  With over 400 families signed up and way more than that watching and cheering us on (or calling us bananas) it is getting a lot of attention.  I promise you, this wasn’t some stunt for blog traffic.  I expected I would have 5-10 bloggers sign up.  The response has been way more than I could have dreamed.  More families have learned that flats are easy and cheap.  They will tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends.  People will definitely benefit from the Challenge, directly or indirectly.  If one mother learns about another mother struggling to provide diapers for her baby and teaches her about flats, or maybe even buys some for her, isn’t that a WIN?

Appreciating what you have:

I happen to have a pretty great life.  We are a two car family, we have a washer and dryer that I can get to anytime I want.  We have cable, internet, and all the food we want.  My husband provides for our family which lets me stay at home with my babies (and work from home).  Seeing what could be- having to handwash diapers, or only having a few diapers- makes me appreciate what I have.

Photos from yesterday, May 24:

Orange Diaper Co. Terry Flat
Diaperbag fold

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