Fabulousness, Kissaluvs One-Size, All-in-One Details and a sneak peek!

After all of the buzz about the Kissaluvs One-Size, All-in-One you want some juicy details right?  I want to assure you that this product is as fabulous as it sounds!  Every time I think about it I get a little giddy.  In the cloth diapering world, the Flip and Econobum were supposed to be the big thing at ABC but I think Kissaluvs ended up stealing the show with their humble debut.

Details:  One Size, snap rise, microfleece liner, and microfiber “insert”.

Construction: The “insert” is sewn inside of the pocket, but only on the front of the diaper.  This technically makes this an all-in-one.  However, you have an entire pocket you can add more inserts to.

Fabulousness:  When the diaper is dirty you don’t have to pull an insert out.  Toss it!  When you wash it the diaper is going to turn inside out.  Tumble dry.  Next step, stuffing…… NOT!  Your insert is already attached.  The diaper takes the same amount of time to dry as a pocket!  Just pull the diaper from the front and back and your insert is going to go back in its home!!!

Snaps visible, final design?
Snaps visible, final design?
insert peeking from the back
insert peeking from the back
Notice cross over tabs.
Notice cross over tabs.

These are going to be shipping out to diaper shops in about a month.  One reason I love Kissaluvs is that they care about their retailers.  You will be able to purchase the diaper from the big guys and the small guys, like Diaper Daisy, on the same day.

Other things coming from Kissaluvs: a One Size cover with a snap down rise configuration.  More Marvel prints (more gender neutral and boy friendly.  There are more boy prints in the pipeline that weren’t at ABC as well.  The new Birdy print is adorable in person, trust me!)

I will be getting my hands on one of these soon to show you a demo of how they work.  In the meantime, Sara from Diaper Daisy was able to shoot a demo and it will be up on her blog in a week so if you want more fabulousness you need to watch that!

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