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For first time visitors: ignore 🙂 For anyone who has been visiting the past few days I have made some changes and will continue to make changes. I am still getting the hang of this “blog” and ways to enhance it for readers and myself. I will be customizing the look further; I have a really cool photo shoot planned. It may happen today even!!! I did get the ads started but I don’t think they detract too much from the overall appearance. Do you? I have recently added Google Friend Connect; you can become a follower of my blog by logging in under your Google handle, Yahoo ID, or AIM username. If you have none of these- sorry. I also put my twitter up. I can’t promise I will have any exciting updates but follow me and you will be updated as soon as I post a new blog. This is a great way to keep up to date with the blog.

Like I have stated before, my next video review will be a comparison of Gro Baby Diapers and G Diapers. I think this will be very helpful for some of you who are new to cloth and can’t decide a good “on the go” diaper. Cloth is bulkier than disposables. For the space you can fit 2 regular cloth diapers or around 10 disposables!!! G Diapers and Gro Baby offer a solution for that. Keep an eye out for the review.

What diaper would you like to see a review of?
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If it is other leave a comment for suggestions! Thanks!

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