Ergo, how I love thee….

Let me count the ways…



You make my life so simple in so many ways.  You are always in my car when I need you.  You have a handy pocket for my wallet and keys that I use daily.  You let my son chew on your straps while we shop.  You have the most awesome rain/ wind/ sun hood that has saved me more than once from having a wind blown, wet baby.  You are so easy to adjust.  You are even easier to put on in the car, then put my son into.  I can use you to wear my son while shopping and still be hands free.  Today you showed me I can still use you while peeing at Target while no one is the wiser (except anyone in the bathroom who heard my son “talking”)  You never make my back or shoulders hurt.  You were found used on craigslist and saved me money by not buying you new.  You hide my muffin top when I wear you on the front.  You are just so freaking awesome and I love you!

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