EcoPosh OBV One Size Fitted Diaper Review

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Autumn loves playing in the dirt, there’s no avoiding it, she’s fascinated by the texture and the richness, and probably enjoys the expressions on my face when she gets really dirty, too. Today she’s helping me plant flowers in our raised beds, and she could not be more excited. This is the perfect time to wear a fitted sans cover since we’re outdoors and the incredible breathability of a fitted with no cover gives her skin a refreshing break from diaper jail. I’ve been waiting to share this review for so long and I can’t believe the day is finally here.

Autumn in EcoposhOBV

You guys. I just can’t even. Okay, okay, putting my teenage niece’s vocabulary back in the closet now, but this diaper… I just… I’m so excited to share this one. Talk about a tough secret to keep, especially when local mamas ask me about great natural options and I had to keep this one under wraps… Until now.

Fitted diapers are a great natural option with amazing absorbency and longevity, and are generally the diaper of choice for overnights and any other occasion when you need to go the extra mile. They usually come sized, meaning they’ll fit a very specific targeted weight range for a limited amount of time, or have are One Size with a fold over rise. And in general you have a shell with an absorbent core, with an insert (often two layers of soaker, like a tongue style snapped at the halfway mark, and sometimes an additional booster laid on top). All this absorbency gets wrapped around the baby, a cover (wool, pul, or anything water resistant) is put on over it, and even Rip Van Winkle’s sheets are safe. But peeling those layers off in the morning can be… Not fun… if your baby ate a late dinner or the diaper is especially saturated. And rinsing them before the wash can be tedious. And finding a color or pattern you adore only to find they’ve outgrown it in a month, well, that’s not fun either. Enter Kangacare, the genius behind Rumparooz, with the new EcoPosh OBV…

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ EcoPosh OBV is the first fitted POCKET on the market. All that absorbent goodness is tucked within a super soft absorbent shell lined with dreamy organic bamboo velour that I can’t stop petting. When the diaper is ready to be changed, the obv helps make clean up a breeze, and the now heavy inserts are safely guarded within the pocket, while you hold it by the less damp exterior edge. And with many caregivers who are used to a pocket but may be confused or overwhelmed by a traditional fitted, this diaper should be a hit with any babysitter or relative. Just leave the rise snaps in place and they can put it on just like any of your most convenient cloth diapers, without adjusting extra pieces or trying to understand what a fold over rise is for (even I was confused the first time I saw one…). EcoPosh OBVs are as easy as fitteds can get.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At $32.99, you’re paying an average price for a fitted diaper, but with all the bells and whistles attached. One size, organic bamboo velour lining, and get this, the outer layer (which feels super soft) is made from recycled water bottles! How cool is that? I think it is safe to say the majority of folks who cloth diaper are already at least somewhat eco conscious (though I know some do it solely for the financial savings or because their babies have sensitive skin) so going the extra mile and coming up with this innovative way to go even greener makes me giddy with excitement.


Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ When you remove the inserts from the pocket, you’re greeted by the familiar Rumparooz silhouette, one insert is larger with a rectangular shape, the other insert is smaller with a contour in the center, allowing it to adjust perfectly to the center channel of the diaper. This system works really well for us, we used just the contoured soaker (in our traditional pocket RAR) when Autumn was very young which allowed for a more customized fit while still offering a great deal of absorbency, then moved on to the larger soaker when she was ready for it, and finally find that the two soakers snapped together work exceptionally well for long car rides, active play dates, and other occasions when it is less convenient to attempt a diaper change. I’ve found these EcoPosh inserts live up to the same standards, and I love the mix of bamboo and cotton within the absorbent fibers. And while I’ve used many fitted with inserts lined with OBV, something about the layer being separate seems to allow less dampness to press against baby’s skin, and Autumn seems comfortable to remain in this diaper until it is almost sagging with weight and I must run to catch her for a change. I also love the soft OBV gussets sewn into the lining, they don’t leave red marks and they help to contain messes so I can comfortably pair this diaper with even our loosest WAHM wool covers.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ A one size fitted opens the door to a smaller stash you can use far longer, increasing the bang for your buck and allowing a customizable fit. A four step rise means this fitted can likely be used from newborn to potty training (though Kangacare does offer specific newborn and trainer sizes as well) by simply selecting the inserts that work best for each configuration. When I read that the fitted was a one size, I assumed it would be bulkier than our sized fitted, but I found the opposite to be true. Thanks to the unique construction and blend of materials, I actually find this fitted is more trim than many of our sized fitteds, and with a PUL cover I can fit some of Autumn’s pants over it with no issue. And while the diaper appears a bit on the smaller side when on the shelf, it is surprisingly stretchy and will likely fit Autumn for some time despite being on the last snap setting for many of her diapers.

Overall: The EcoPosh OBV is a whole new world of fitted diapers, perfect for families looking for a natural choice, trying to save by avoiding needing a stash for each size range, and so soft and easy they are an excellent way to convert parents who are “afraid” or intimidated by fitted diapers. Even after dozens of washes this diaper is still as soft as a favorite blanket and the lovely rich orange we got to try is just perfect, so bright and modern with that rich grey interior. If you have a local cloth diaper retailer, I highly recommend asking them to stock these so you can feel how incredibly soft they are, or better yet just order your own and you’ll see what a perfect go-the-extra-mile diaper they are!


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