Ecobubs Wool Pocket Review

Ecobubs Wool Pocket

I began drooling over the Ecobubs Wool Pocket long before it was available in the US. In fact, I featured it in a post about cloth diapers around the world over a year ago. When it hit the states and I was asked to review it I said yes of course. Their striped diaper is stunning to look at. So classic. The diaper itself has an exterior of New Zealand wool that is washable, and has a hidden layer of PUL. It is side snapping and a sized diaper that comes with 1 super absorbent microfiber insert.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ I would say that the hardest thing about using the EcoBubs would simply be stuffing it. The insert included with the diaper is a bit large and the pocket opening is in the front so the opening is more narrow. With the insert being so fluffy, at least for now, you have to really take time to make sure it is laying flat. When it comes to actually placing it onto your baby it isn’t hard but side snaps do take some getting used to. Since there is some fluff with the wool I felt the snaps weren’t snapping as tight, as if there was less to grab onto when the snap was pressed, making the snap not have as much to hold onto (look at your snaps next time and how the male/female parts work together and this will make sense). Once you know they do this you are aware and are careful when snapping it closed.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ This diaper is stunning, beautiful, classy, elegant… I mean, for a cloth diaper. And they really play it up with their product photographs. The diaper is pricey at 33.00. What you get is a wool pocket. Not wool in the traditional cloth diaper sense where you are lanolizing it, but you get the look of wool and the added benefit of the breath-ability. It does come with 1 insert. And you are paying a higher price for it being an imported item, except the inserts, which are made in the US. Having just one is nice because it sure is pretty to look at and takes some fantastic photos.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ I loved this diaper for overnight. It has 1 mil PUL (read more about PUL) so it is more breathable than some diapers. Then it has wool over it. I used my microfiber inserts for daytime and theirs for nights with success on both counts. I don’t traditionally like pockets at night but we did ok with this one so far.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ I reviewed the Medium, which fits babies 11-27 pounds. The rise was shorter than I am used to for a Medium but it certainly worked. The size settings on the waist looked to go right along with how a Medium should fit as well. Ev has some growing room in it and may never need the Large size before potty learning. Most babies wear Mediums the longest. Their small fits 7-16 lbs and Large is 24 pounds +. The diaper is soft and never left any red marks. It looks very comfortable.
Overall: I should address the washing here. This is Wool, but not “Wool.” You wash it with your regular diapers. The whole thing. Like any pocket you need to remove the insert first but you still wash it with everything else. I tried my best to air dry it but my sitter put it in the dryer twice while I was out and it survived. After the first wash and air dry there were already some fuzzies, as with any knit material like that it will happen. I don’t know that I am sold on it as having more breath-ability than a normal pocket with 1 mil PUL. If you believe that it makes a difference then you will be happy with the diaper as a more breathable night time solution. I’ve never had a problem with my current diapers so maybe this is why it wasn’t noticeable.  The insert, even though it has a lot of layers, dries quickly due to the snapping, circular design. For me, the beauty of this diaper is in just that- the appearance. I am IN LOVE with their stripes and color combinations so I am willing to overlook the price of just one. Would I have a whole stash? No. But 1-2 are quite nice.
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