Eco Posh One Size Fitted Review

EcoPosh One Size Cloth Diaper Review
EcoPosh OS Fitted

Recently I’ve seen numerous requests for a review of the EcoPosh One Size Fitted. The EcoPosh line was released months ago with the selling point of being made from recycled plastic bottles. This isn’t the first cloth diaper to be made in the fashion (see Lollidoo) but it is still a neat concept. The whole line has a premium price point but the good news is they look to be well made an this One Size Fitted is extremely absorbent.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ In terms of diapering my least favorite thing has to be a pocket fitted. I almost always forget to unstuff the pocket and then have to unstuff and rewash the whole thing when I get it out of my dryer and notice the insert is bunched up at the bottom of the pocket. The diaper itself goes on pretty easily with only 2 snaps per tab. The rise has a 4 step rise adjustment system and will only need to be adjusted every so often as your child grows.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The Eco Posh One Size fitted packs an absorbent punch and makes a fantastic overnight diaper for babies who need all the absorbency they can get! Part of the high price tag included some pretty amazing inserts (6r Soaker) for a fairly custom absorbency level. The smaller doubler will work in the fitted on the smallest snapped down rise and the whole thing can be used for heavy wetters or for overnight. The most absorbent fitteds always seem to be the most expensive. It is on the higher range of that price point but it isn’t unheard of to pay this much for a fitted diaper ($34.97).
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ No doubt about it, the Eco Posh Fitted will stand up to some heavy wettings. Paired with a wool soaker or well fitting waterproof cover there should be no leaks at night! There was room for more when my son was through with it even after 12 hours.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ Each rise snap has a waist snap to coordinate. Your child might not fit that “mold” and the lack of more choices on the waist makes me a tad nervous for wider waisted babies. For use Everett used the rise with 2 snaps exposed, and the matching waist snap. On him is looks very, very bulky, especially when you add a cover on top. I would only use this at night. His pants wouldn’t snap when paired with an EcoPosh and cover.
Overall: Everyone should know that the EcoPosh does take significantly longer to dry than pockets and even many All-in-Ones. The way the fabric is bunched up for the internal gussets makes it take longer. The insert itself is also thick and takes longer to dry than any othes in my stash. I personally wouldn’t pay the price on this diaper unless I needed a super heavy duty overnight solution or unless I could get a good deal. It is a very nice diaper, works, I love the way it looks and the color choices, but I am not running out to buy 5, 1 or 2 will do.
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