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It’s a rainy day for us here with a tropical storm heading our way, though at the moment the rain showers seem to come in fits and spurts. The girls love going outside in the rain when it’s lightly drizzling and there’s no lightning, they like stomping in puddles with their rain boots and wielding their tiny umbrella like a magic wand. Living in Florida we don’t have snow, so seeing the wonder in their eyes as water falls from the sky is about as close as we get. I limit their exposure and follow it up with warm food and snuggles, but I think the novelty of it all gives them something to look forward to on those gray and stormy days. How do you deal with inclement weather? What’s your favorite tip for cabin fever?

Autumn in Easyfit Star

You may remember my glowing review of Tots Bots Peenut Cloth Nappy system, I’m excited to say theyhave updated their All in One- no assembly required, just grab and go. The Easy Fit Star combines the absorbency and fit you love from Tots Bots into the convenience of a quick and well designed one size all in one with natural fibers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ This nappy features that generously sized super strong hook and loop tape Tots Bots is known for, keeping it snugly in place while promoting a perfect customized fit. Autumn is currently a year and a half, with very thick thighs but a belly that has slimmed down significantly as she runs around all day. This can make a good fit difficult with many cloth diapers, but by using the Tots Bots, especially with the hook and loop tape slightly angled to allow enough room for her thighs while still hugging her tummy, I’m able to ensure a good fit every time. It’s also strong enough that she can’t pull it off on her own like with some types of tape. The shell of this all in one is a twin to the cover included in the Peenut system, but instead of a wipeable pul interior it is lined with a super soft absorbent bamboo core and stay dry buffer zones to keep leaks from attempting to run out the sides or back even near maximum capacity. The stitch free seams are very gentle on tender skin, no red marks here! And it’s of course incredibly simple to use. You can add a Tots Bots liner if you anticipate a mess, but even without I find it rinses quite easily. And the design is so similar to a disposable even someone who’s never even seen a cloth diaper should have no trouble using it.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ The Easy Fit Star retails for $24.95 at most US retailers (£16.99 on the Tots Bots site) which is a fair price for a well crafted all in one. In general, you’ll pay more for the convenience and design of an all in one diaper compared to the price of a cover and insert system, but if you are nervous about using cloth, you have a caregiver who has expressed concern over the idea, you are quite busy and can’t spend the time assembling laundry, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, these all in one diapers are an excellent choice.

Easyfit Star details

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The absorbent core of this diaper is a plush bamboo which provides amazing absorbency. And if you look under the hood, so to speak, or lift the small flap at the back of the nappy, you’ll see the core is not just sewn in the body of the diaper, but actually continues like a snake insert to equal double the length. This means that when you wash the insert agitates out naturally, allowing for a more thorough wash and a faster dry, and all you need to do is tuck it back in before setting it aside for Baby.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ These birth to potty one size covers are generously sized, which means they can seem a bit bulky if you are using them on a newborn, but that is pretty typical of one size diapers (especially all in ones) and the cross over hook and loop tape can help ensure a snug fit. If the look of a bulky cloth diaper bothers you, you could still use them at home and switch to something more trim and perhaps less absorbent when out visiting. On my twenty six lb girl, I find them to be very trim and perfect for her to run around and play as the gentle elastic does not agitate her even with a great deal of activity.  The Easyfit Star has a slightly higher rise than the v4 Easyfit and other previous versions.

Overall: I love how simple and well made this all in one diaper is, the combination of materials and the intuitive design make for a clever and high quality all in one. This nappy is made in Scotland and is listed as “Chemical free – Oekotex certified” with soft bamboo that just seems to get softer with each wash. This is a great choice for a baby shower or birthday gift, as it comes in a variety of adorable and collectable prints. I also love this nappy for families looking for an easy low stress way to cloth diaper. This is the perfect option to send to daycare or a caregiver’s house (Autumn’s Grandma loves it!) and is super quick to put on or take off, even on wiggly babies.

Where to Buy: The Green Nursery

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