Earth Mama Products for the Beach and Mom-to-Be

I am participating in the 30 Day #EarthMama Challenge with Mamavation.  I was sent these products and am being compensated for the campaign.  All opinions and reviews expressed are that of my own.

Living five minutes away from the beach has its perks. I love knowing that my family is getting enough vitamin d just from playing, and proper sunscreen application has become such a routine that it isn’t even a battle, just part of the process.

Spending so much time under the sun has potential for disaster, of course. Prepping my body for that bikini requires shaving which often leads to razor burn, and if I am remiss about my own sunscreen application I can get a bit of a sunburn (I’ll always have pale skin, so it’s just part of the package). Of course, baring my belly can be a bit intimidating surrounded by bronzed 20 year old goddesses, whether I’m 30 weeks pregnant(!) or not. I’m so glad Earth Mama Angel Baby has me covered from head to toe.


The first time I reached for a jar of Mama Bottom Balm, it was out of desperation for the discomfort that comes with being pregnant. When I told my husband I had to stop at the store and he asked why, I couldn’t even say the words, I just mumbled “pregnancy related body issues” and after reading the scary ingredients lists on some of the products being marketed by other companies I quickly snatched up the jar I recognized from the company I trust. My first experience with this product was a little surprising, in my impatience I failed to comprehend the effect the generous helping of peppermint oil would have on sensitive skin. It wasn’t unpleasant, just surprising, that first time. And once I expected it I found myself looking forward to the skin cooling peppermint.

But I digress, I wanted to tell you more about some of the other uses I have for this soothing organic miracle balm. While it is perfect for any issues you may encounter that beg for relief beyond an ice pack, it has a few other tricks up its sleeve as well.

Prepping for a beach day generally involves a bit of grooming, which can lead to some very painful razor burn on my sensitive skin. I’ve found that Mama Bottom Balm is so rich and moisturizing that it is just what I need post-shave to soothe any inflammation and prevent itchy bumps along my bikini line. It’s full of organic ingredients like lavender, witch hazel, and calendula that calm the pain and relieve any itch.


I’ve also found this balm to be an excellent soother for sunburn, immediately cooling the red hot skin and quenching that parched feeling. When my husband overestimated the time a woodworking project outside would take and got a burn on his shoulders, the balm made him feel better right away and the burn faded faster than usual, with no peeling or pain.

My absolute favorite of the Earth Mama products I’ve been lucky enough to try is by far the Natural Stretch Oil. It smells INCREDIBLE and if there were a perfume like this I’d wear it. I apply some after every shower/bath and it keeps my skin smooth and soft despite the hard water I battle in our area. I don’t have a single stretch mark, and it also relieves the itchiness I occasionally suffer from on my cesarean scar (Harper was an emergency C, I’m hoping to VBAC this time around). I love that I can put it on my entire body without worrying about Harper being hurt by it when she inevitably uses me as a jungle gym for her nursing gymnastics, it’s completely vegan and nut free and nothing but good for even her extremely sensitive eczema prone skin.

I’ve had so much fun telling you about these incredible organic products from Earth Mama Angel Baby this month, I love the way they make me feel and I think you will, too.

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