Drybees AIO Hybrid Review

Drybees AIO Hybrid is a sized, All-in-One diaper with a Microfiber soaker but also with a pocket to add more absorbency for nights and naps, or heavy wetters.  It comes in lots of colors and even prints!

hybrid2Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰✰
You won’t find an easier diaper than this! As the video shows, other than affixing laundry tabs (and disposing of poop in your toilet) this diaper goes on exactly as a disposable. It really is that simple.
Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰
The price point is 16.95. You can buy one size diapers for 17.95, but they are pockets that you will have to stuff and restuff. AIO’s are typically a little pricier than pockets for the convenience factor. If you do end up needing more absorbency you will have to buy doublers or inserts, which will add to the cost. Most of us, however, will have more absorbent diapers for those occasions. I think it is worthwhile to have a diaper like this on hand for the times you have family watching your baby, or a babysitter. It is also a nice way to help ease dads into cloth diapering (or yourself).
Performance ✰✰✰✰ Because the Drybees has 3 layers of microfiber it has a good amount of absorbency. This is the same amount of layers as most microfiber inserts. But, I wouldn’t use it overnight without adding more to it. 3 layers just isn’t enough if your baby sleeps through the night or doesn’t get changed until the morning. It works perfectly well for daytime use and I never experienced a leak, even for naps.
sizechartFit ✰✰✰✰ The Drybees AIO Hybrid comes in sizes. My son wore a medium and it fit very well. The tabs closed completely with no velcro showing so there is a lot of room for growth around the waist. The rise was at the right level, and there is room for growth there also. I would look closely at the size chart when selecting your diaper. When I would say Medium, their chart has large listed. Always consult the chart because every diaper is made differently. Some diapers are still size “small” that fit my son.  Since this closes with velcro you get a good waist fit and no gaps in sizing like can happen with snaps.  The leg elastic was big enough for a baby with medium chunk in the thighs, but I think it would even fit a pretty chunky baby since it wasn’t too tight on mine.
Overall- While this diaper isn’t FABULOUS, it isn’t meant to be. It is a basic AIO, it does the job, and it is super easy. I cannot complain about much. I will say that the lining could be a little softer. The nature of AIO’s means that the drying time is going to be longer. Also, since this diaper has a microfiber soaker sewn in, there might be a lingering smell problem. I noticed that stink is a little stronger with this AIO Microfiber diaper (and another similar one I have) than with just microfiber inserts. On a happy note, the laundry tabs have worked very well. So far these tabs have no come unstuck for me. I would recommend these for anyone looking for a SUPER easy diaper.

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