Drool Alert: Taga- a carrier bike and stroller!

So guess what I recently learned?  The Taga is coming to the US!  I ran across this product thanks to a friend, and although it is out of my price range you better believe if it weren’t I would own it.  It would solve so many of my problems right now.  I have a baby bike seat, but no bike.  And the bike seat needs certain types of bikes, so I have to get one of those bikes.  My car?  Can only have certain bike racks, it is hard to find one that works.  So I would love a collapsible solution so I could take my son riding at the park and into town.

If you want those things and have some spare cash, go pick up the Taga!  Here is information from the company:

Going “green” is not a fad, it’s a way of life. And now, there’s a new way to get you going green-while you get going. This April, Taga will debut in the US. This multifunction vehicle converts from a carrier bike to a stroller, allowing families to move in ways they never have before, and at the same time, support the earth by reducing the carbon footprints that gas-powered vehicles leave behind.

Taking “carpool duty” to the next level, instead of driving, try taking your Taga for a spin. You and up to two children can ride to town, and in under 20 seconds toggle from bike mode to stroller mode without leaving any parts behind. Going far? Taga easily folds so that you can utilize mass transportation. With Taga, you can continue on whatever road life takes you on, knowing that you’re supporting the earth with eco-friendly transportation.

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For more you can visit Tagabikes.com Read the entire press release after the jump!

Beginning April 15, 2010, American families will
be able to relish the ride with Taga™, the most inspiring mode of transportation
since the hot air balloon. Already one of Europe’s major trends, Taga is a
multifunctional vehicle that combines the benefits of a carrier bike and a baby
stroller and can be converted between the modes in 20 seconds.

With Taga, every day is an adventure with your child and every moment is a
memory in the making. Taga moves you in ways you’d never expect, whether
you’re in the park or on a bike path, in your community or downtown. When you
get to your destination, toggle effortlessly to a stroller and go shopping or pop
into a café for a latte. No parts are left behind as you change modes and at the
same time you make the switch your child can keep napping in the comfortable
seat. Then when it’s time to go, toggle back to bike mode and ride on.
Taga’s 3-wheel carrier bike design lets you ride with confidence and control. You
don’t have to have great balance or cycling experience to ride. Unlike in a bike
trailer or regular child bike seat, your little one rides right between your arms and
is protected in the seat with safety features including a 5-point harness, special
head cushion and front safety bar.

The Taga comes ready for a child 6 months to 6 years but can also be used with
optional lifestyle accessories such as an additional seat for a second child, a car
seat adaptor for an infant carrier, a sun and rain hood, a shopping basket and
more. It can be disassembled for storage in a car trunk or at home. Taga is
available in red, green, cyan, and orange, is non-flammable and can be
removed for cleaning.

Taga is one of the most beautiful ways for families to experience the world
together – and it helps keep the world beautiful and you fit. You can walk, ride or
use public transportation with Taga, which reduces your carbon footprint and
teaches your children the value of a healthy and green lifestyle.

Taga was developed over 4 years by a highly skilled global team of mechanical
engineers and industrial designers, to ensure safety, reliability and functionality. It
has won the Kind & Jugend Innovation Award, the Eurobike Award and the Red
Dot Design Award (the world’s most prestigious juvenile, bicycle and product
design awards, respectively). Taga has an aluminum frame, Shimano Nexus
gears, front disk brakes, parking brake, a fully sealed chain guards and more.
Taga meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards in the US and Europe.

Taga can be pre-ordered now at www.tagabikes.com and will soon be
available through selected US retailers. SRP: $1495.00

Taga is a Dutch company that specializes in ecological mobility. Its mission is to create a
new category of family mobility by providing parents with stylish, multifunctional,
lightweight vehicles as an alternative to using cars in urban areas and communities.
Taga is sold in the USA via Taga USA, Inc.

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