Did LG Just Create The Perfect Cloth Diaper Washing Machine?

Beyond the transition fromTop Loading Agitators to Front Loading/HE machines there hasn’t been a lot to talk about in the washing machine world.  Until now.

LG let the public see their new LG Twin Wash System at CES in Las Vegas recently and once you find out the little secret it is hiding you might think- well that is the perfect washing machine for cloth diapering! The International Consumer Electronics Show is where you can find the tech of the near future and get a glimpse of what will be entering the market.

From the front view the washer just appears like a very high end front loader, but in the drawer beneath there is a second, smaller washing machine!  Yes!


This could solve several issues for cloth diapering parents of the future.

  1. A dedicated space means the extra laundry won’t put you behind on your normal washing.
  2. No more concerns about washing poop in the same washing machine as your clothing (for those who are STILL hung up on that fact… whatever)
  3. No fear of adding fabric softeners or using detergents that aren’t suggested for cloth diapers in your normal loads (in some machines and if you use a lot of these it can build up on the walls and has been reported to cause build-up on diapers)
  4. You could wash a small load of diapers more frequently without the worry of wasting a lot of water, especially for parents who just use 1-2 diapers a day for overnights.

It’s possible the washer is too small for some of us who prefer to use all 50 of our diapers and then wash, but for anyone willing to wash small diaper loads it could be a game-changer.  The cost will likely be prohibitive but the second twin washer is said to be backwards compatible with other LG washers.

Beyond diapers, I can see a lot of benefits to having a small, second machine- delicates and small household linens, un-paper towels, and reusable menstrual cloth would also fit well!  And going back to the life of new parents- wouldn’t be amazing to have the option of just washing that ONE blanket that gets puked on but that your baby can’t live without and not having to run a full load?  Throw some dry towels and a few wool dryer balls in the dryer and it could be back in baby’s arms in less than an hour!

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”26″ size_format=”px”]The future is here and it is good![/typography]


I don’t foresee having the ability to multi-task making a difference in my laundry room unless LG releases an automatic clothes folder too.  No word on when this washer will be hitting the market but I’m definitely eager to see how it could work for cloth diapers!

Video credit: Cnet.com

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