Diaper Rite 3.1 One Size All in One Diaper Review

5 Ease of Use
5 Bang for the Buck
5 Performance
5 Fit

It’s happening.
The time has come.

Bennett is interested in the potty.

OK…to be honest, he’s been interested in it for quite some time now, but since we’ve been living in limbo the past couple months and have had our hands full with our newborn, my husband and I decided it just wasn’t the best time to jump into potty training. But I think we’re reaching that point now where it may not be our choice anymore.

Today Bennett came up to me and pointed between his legs, saying “Pee-pee.” And I asked, “Did you go potty?” and he said, “Ya,” and wanted to be changed. Later, in the bathtub, he stood up abruptly, wanting to get out because he was worried about going potty in the tub. I know…it’s obvious; it’s time to start potty training sooner than later, but I can’t lie: it’s bittersweet for me. We love cloth, and potty training is for big kids. When did I get a big kid?

I’m not sure I’m ready for that adventure, and until then, I’ll continue to reach for my favorite diapers in Bennett’s stash, soaking in as many more wonderful, fluffy moments as I can before we dive into trainers and undies and all that big kid stuff. And this diaper, my friends, has quickly and easily become one of those favorites for so many reasons. This is why I think the Diaper Rite 3.1 One Size AIO is one of the best…

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ I’ll keep it simple: it’s one size; it’s an AIO; and it’s so stretchy. I love that Diaper Rite chose to use a waterproof thermally-bonded PUL outer shell (called “TPU”) because it makes this diaper so malleable and helps it always fit just right. Plus, the two soakers it comes with have the ability to be snapped in or laid in, so you get to choose whatever works best for your babe.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is sold exclusively at Diaper Junction for $16.95, and I think that’s a steal, considering its quality and versatility. The 3.1’s inside now features ultra-absorbent bamboo, a major improvement from its predecessor, which had microfiber. In general, this AIO just looks and feels like a high-caliber diaper. Because it’s one size, you can use it on your baby (or babies) from 8 lbs up to 35 lbs. And trust me: you’ll want to hand this diaper down to all your littles.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Until I got my hands on this diaper, I primarily used fleece or wool overnight, but this diaper has won me over as a nighttime option. It can hold some serious wetness! There are 2 layers sewn inside the body of the diaper and 4 layers in each snap-in soaker, giving you 10 layers of bamboo terry in total. I would consider my toddler a heavy wetter, and we have never had leaks with these, even after 10 hours at night. The addition of the front and back TPU flaps keeps the soakers in place and prevents wicking at the waistline. The feel of the soakers is so buttery soft, so I know my boy feels comfortable in it for long periods. And I personally think these dry reasonably quick, which is a huge plus.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ I love that this AIO has the double snaps—aka waist and thigh snaps—on the wing tabs, plus crossover snaps and gentle back elastics, to assure a secure fit. Honestly, I always, always, always get a perfect fit with this diaper it seems, and I find that I never have to fuss with it to get a good fit. With both soakers in, I wouldn’t say this diaper is bulky—maybe moderately trim—but I don’t really care, to be honest, because this diaper is that good. We never have gaps, and we never have leaks; that’s all I care about.

Overall: I think my rating says it all: This diaper rocks for daytime, nighttime, naptime, anytime. I feel like I was vague in this review, for some reason, but it’s just one of those diapers that just has that thing…it just has it all. It’s soft inside and out and is ridiculously absorbent. You can tell Diaper Rite carefully constructed this version to give parents a hassle-free, affordable diaper that seems to always give a seamless fit. To put it simply: it’s perfection.

Where to buy: Diaper Junction

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