Diaper Dawgs- The Accessory You Never Knew You Needed {Giveaway}

diaper_dawgs_grab[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”21″ size_format=”px”]It might look like a shrink ray hit a silicone oven mit- but Diaper Dawgs were made to be that small.[/typography]

Just large enough to fit on your thumb and finger.  They were designed to let parents and caregivers remove dirty pocket diaper inserts without having to touch the pee or poop they may be covered in.   They were featured in the Poop Avoidance Devices video, if you missed it catch it here.

You probably haven’t heard of them- yet.  They are a brand new product!  I know some of you are already thinking that they are silly- but trust me, I have heard from many parents that they won’t use pockets because they don’t want to touch the inserts.  In fact, my own husband never removed them.  I always found them scrunched up in the front of the diaper after washing because he didn’t like to touch them.  And no one likes removing inserts from diapers that have been sitting in the pail for a few days after certain husbands didn’t pull them out before dropping the diapers in.  I would have liked to have a Diaper Dawg for that job.


Diaper Dawgs have the cute factor going for them- they come in 4 colors and are sold in packs of two- one “girl” color pack and one “boy” color pack.  The Green and Blue dogs are “Milo” and “Buddy” and the pink and purple are “Bella” and “Molly.”


[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”21″ size_format=”px”]Beyond their function, they also clip onto baskets easily between uses and look pretty adorable doing so.[/typography]

I’m not a huge fan of the name, probably because when I see “dogs” spelled out as “dawgs” my pronunciation changes to something kinda embarrassing and a little Randy Jackson like.  I think the cat people would like a few Diaper Cats too.  Oh and please make some Diaper Alligators, that would be so cute.  So maybe they should be called Diaper Buddies?

Lara, who does an amazing job reviewing diapers for DDL, received a pair to try out and this is what she had to say:

Molly and Bella in Harper's Nursery
Molly and Bella in Harper’s Nursery

“I had never heard of Diaper Dawgs until I saw them and was immediately charmed by the playful design of the pups and the aesthetically pleasing colors. Harper thought it was hilarious when I put on an impromptu puppet show for her demonstrating the various sounds a dog might make (I may have taken some liberties). When it came time to put them to the test, I was a little nervous the tiny “gloves” would slip off and land somewhere in the wetbag, but they clung to my fingertips and stayed put. I especially love using them when spraying diapers, I feel like I can get the sprayer much closer to the top of the diaper without worrying about being splashed. When it’s time to wash them I just rinse in the sink with my favorite antibacterial soap and let them air dry. If these mini mittens looked more like your average glove I’d probably hide them in a drawer and forget abotu them, but they’re so darn cute I keep them on display and find I’m using them all the time!”

laundrydayPS.  Doesn’t the Diaper Dawg look a but like Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life.  He was a Wallaby (hence the australian accent) but still.  I see it!  (When I found this image I couldn’t resist including it- so fitting, and I totally remember that episode.  90’s kids represent.)



[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Win it! [/typography]


Now wouldn’t you like to win some? How about 2 pair?! One for your laundry room and one for the nursery. Or one for you and one for a friend! Enter below using the Rafflecopter and don’t forget to answer the question in the comments.


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