DDL Got a Face lift- Same Blog, Same Content, New Look!

I’m never satisfied with my design.  Even if I like it at first I start hating the look weeks or months down the road.  It is a curse, and an expensive one at that.  Good design isn’t cheap and my taste is way beyond my budget.  I decided to take on the task of designing my own graphics this time around.  Photoshop and I get along well enough to do basic work but my speed is laughable.  After a couple of days I have come up with a new “brand” for DDL and finally integrated all of my different platforms for DDL including my YouTube Channel, my Facebook Fanpage, and of course, my Blog.

Look above this post and you will find a new header in my signature colors.  I’m an old lady at heart.  I chose to bring the hand drawn diaper I made for the “What’s a Cloth Diaper” animated video into my design.  It also appears on my iPhone and Android app.

The new button also matches the header.  My last redesign went poorly and big, unexpected code issues arose.  The designer never got around to making a button so I used the old one with the new look.  I can’t tell you how much that bugged me…

For YouTube I’ve added a banner in a similar style.  PS- if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel you’ll get an email each week with a link to the video I uploaded.  If I happen to upload one early then you get an early look at Monday’s video!

For Facebook I’ve set up a new Avatar. It is a little dark in the thumbnail version but what’s a girl to do? I love the font…

And finally my favorite piece! I finally got with the times and created a landing page for my Facebookfanpage. For people who don’t already “like” me they will see this when they visit. After “liking” they get directed to the Wall.

I know redesigns can confuse long time readers who are accustomed to seeing a certain avatar on their timeline or who dislike changes.  I haven’t done any changes to the blog itself (for now) so it is still the same old blog.  I hope you are as happy with the face lift as I am!

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