Cloth Reverie AI2 One Size Review

Cloth Reverie

Update: This diaper brand no longer exists
When I get to review a WAHM diaper it’s really an honor. Unlike the larger brands, these diapers are usually made just for me. I’m not a seamstress so when I see a diaper sewn by hand and examine it the whole thing looks like a mystery wrapped in an enigma. The Cloth Reverie All-in-Two that I had the pleasure of reviewing is obviously a diaper made with a lot of skill. Sometimes it is harder to review these diapers because you know how much love and work went into them!  Luckily it passed with high marks.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The Cloth Reverie AI2 really functions like an All-in-One for me since the lining is microchamois. The sizing is controlled by folding the rise over and then snapping the tabs. Snapping the tabs onto the front will keep the rise folded. I’ve never found this style of diaper to be difficult but it’s not intuitive and some people might be confused at first as to how the sizing works. The soaker is 2 long pieces- one bamboo fleece and one hemp/cotton fleece. The entire thing snaps in and you’ll need to do this after washing/drying each time. You’ll also have to fold the soaker to how you want the layers before putting on your baby. There can be a fair amount of trial and error to this process.  The diaper is called an AI2 however I didn’t use it as one.  It was unclear if it is just called an AI2 because the insert snaps in or because it is designed to be used with multiple inserts and the cover to be reused.  I would consider this a Snap-in-One.  
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are so insanely well made. I didn’t find a stray stitch anywhere, which is really impressive considering they are each sewn by hand! The materials are all top notch and the soaker is made from really absorbent and (not so cheap) materials. The woven or knit layer is usually a designer fabric and this all adds up to a higher price tag. Still, $25 is less than many comperable OS WAHM diapers. For many it will come down to the print choice and how much they love it when deciding to buy.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ The soaker is super absorbent, maybe even more than many people will need. I almost prefer less because these soakers make the diaper bulkier than it needs to be (for my son.) A concern when buying any cloth diaper with a hidden layer of PUL is wicking (where moisture travels from the wet soaker to the knit layer). While I didn’t have any wicking I did get one leak which I presume was due to how I had the diaper’s size adjusted. There was a learning curve. I started reviewing the diaper with the rise folded over then used it completely unfolded.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ I’ve reviewed a few WAHM diapers with 3 snaps per tab. I have found many to fit on the small size when it comes to the waist. This often leads to an exposed male snap touching the baby’s skin. This is obviously possible still depending on the size of the baby (there are hip snap covers available online) but the likelihood that it happening soon to Ev is slim. The rise is generous also. My biggest concern would be how this fits on a smaller baby…. I don’t have a way to test that.  I did notice some sag that would happen in between the legs on occasion- this was due to the heavt materials used in the insert.
Overall: Like many other WAHM diapers, especially ones with a woven or cotton knit outerlayer, I only used this diaper for the daytime. I love WAHM diapers for their “wow” factor. Ev received a lot of compliments on his adorable Cloth Reverie diaper (he often wore it around with just a t-shirt since it is summer time.) For a WAHM diaper the price is really reasonable (many similar diapers are 30$ or more) and these work great and are made as well as any others in their class.
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