Cloth Diapers Made in the US and Canada

One of my favorite things about Cloth Diapers is that they are part of a close knit, cottage industry.  So many cloth diaper companies started off as mom run businesses.  The diapers were sewn with love, by hand, and sold directly to the consumer.  In fact, there are hundreds of diaper brands who still do this today.  Hyenacart, etsy, and Artfire have many cloth diaper makers.  I’d say virtually all of the diapers sold on those sites are made in the US or Canada.

I have compiled a list of as many cloth diaper companies as I could who manufacture their diapers in the US or Canada.  This does not mean that the materials were grown in North America.  Plenty of these companies do use North American grown and/or milled materials.  I have noted this on some.  Just because there is nothing next to the name, this doesn’t mean the materials aren’t North American, only that I don’t know or haven’t researched it yet.

I would love to have every company listed that manufactures in the US or Canada.  I am adding this list as a page to my site.  I will continue to update it as new companies are listed.  I cannot list every independent cloth diaper maker.  I will consider adding an Etsy/ Hyenacart/ Artfire maker on a case by case basis.

If you know a company that needs to be added, or if you notice any mistakes, leave a comment here or email me at dirtydiaperlaundry at gmail dot com.

Companies marked with an asterisks donated diapers to Fluffy Christmas.  My original plan was asking companies to donate one diaper who I emailed about being included in this list.  The majority of the diapers sent to families are US or Canadian made with a few exceptions.

There are some outstanding companies on this list.  I am going to be highlighting a few of them in the near future, and how and why they decided to keep their diapers made in the US or Canada.

Manufactured in the US
Baby Kicks*– 90% are made inthe US except the Bumboo and Organic Fitted. My review.
Bagshot Row Bamboo*
Bamboo Bums My review
Bella Bottoms* – All except hemp milled in US.  All manufactured in US.
Blueberry/Swaddlebees– All but prefolds, microfiber, and hemp made in US. My review.
Drybees My Review
Essential Saltes Baby -handmade within miles of my house by a WAHM.  My review.
Firefly Diapers
Growing Greens– 100% US Materials
Happy Heineys* My review.
Kissaluvs* My review.

Little Beetles*
Mommy’s Touch
Monkey Snuggles – My review.
Piddle Poddles
Play All Day. Fitted review. Wool cover review.
Rocky Mountain Diapers
Smartipants My review.
Softbums My review.
– PUL and Cotton are from the US.
Sustainable Babyish* My reviews of their products.  Wool Interlock soaker and Snapless Multi fitted.
Tiny Tush Elite
Wahmies– My review.
Manufactured in Canada
Baby Kangas*
Elbees 95% materials are US/Canadian made.
GMD Infant Fitted
Monkey Doodlez
My reviews of their products.
Muggabug– My review.
Snug to Fit
Sugar Peas

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