Cloth Diaper Resources App now Available for iPhone and Android

It is with great pleasure that I announce the availability of the Cloth Diaper Resources App for iPhone and Android!

{If you have downloaded the first version of my App for the iPhone please note this is a completely different App and not an Update.  Please delete the original App.  The old App has an orange diaper button- new version has a teal diaper button.  See image}

Cloth Diaper Resources will give any cloth diapering curious (or expert) parent access to DDL’s extensive library of informational videos as well as the cloth diaper- brand specific- video demonstrations.  Users can learn about the various types of cloth diapers available by viewing the “Introduction to Cloth Diapers” series.  If you would like to see a cloth diaper before you buy it then browse by Diaper Types.  Chances are, I have a video of it! is also included in the App which means there is no excuse for not keeping up to date with my blog.  (just kidding, sort of).

The Getting Started Guide is a brief overview of the many questions cloth diapering parents may have about using cloth diapers such as “What to do with the Poop” and “How much will it cost?”

Confused about the terms and definitions involved with cloth diapers?  Both versions also include a Glossary with images and descriptions of the types, sizing options, elastic options, insert, lining, and outer materials, and more!

And what app from Dirty Diaper Laundry would be complete without Videos? The Video Demos for the iPhone app are nested by catgeory, or for Android users, are all on the menu by type.  The videos can be viewing within the App in your browser or in the YouTube app itself if this is installed.

As time goes on I will continue to improve the app so that it is an invaluable resource for parents considering or already using cloth diapers.  I know a few things are still wonky (like the reviews page on the iPhone) so please be patient until I can get it perfected!  In the meantime, go download the *FREE* Cloth Diaper Resources app from the App store or Android Marketplace.

Don’t forget to leave a 5 Star honest review after you have played with it!

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