Cloth Diaper Elastic: The Poop-Splosion Solution


Ask other parents what they disliked most about having a newborn and besides the sleepness nights, the next answer is usually “the blow-outs.”

Ask a cloth diapering mother and she will leave the blow-outs off that list and just say “sleepness nights.”

Are cloth diapers really Poop-Splosion free? Yep. Pretty much. As long as they fit correctly and the baby isn’t suffering a bout of diarrhea you will save your adorable outfits from that yellow/orange/green poop!

Cloth Diapers, unlike disposables, have elastic at the back, the legs, and sometimes even the front of the diaper.  (some disposables have “elastic” but it still fits loosely) This means the diaper actually fits the baby very well and will contain the poop from leaking up the back or out of the legs!!!

I often hear the excuse from parents not wanting to use cloth diapers that they don’t want to deal with the poop.

I hate to tell them that in fact, they may be dealing with more poop in the newborn phase with disposables than a cloth diapering parent would. My babies have never had an Expoda-Poo (thanks Lisa from Weehuggers!).

Want proof?

This was a Ve-poop-ius of epic proportions! And truthfully, that diaper is 2 years old and the elastic is loose.

The proof is in the pudding.  Err… maybe that is a bad analogy considering that photo.  I may never eat pudding again now.

So next time your pregnant friend says she is afraid of those up the back poopy disasters, direct her to this photo and tell her that cloth diapers will save all of those pricey baby clothes!  Heck, they will even coordinate with them!  You can’t beat that!

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