Cloth Diaper Carnival Part Deux. What is your cloth diaper washing routine?

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The people have spoken and “what is your wash routine?” won in a vote for this carnival’s topic.  This can get really boring, really quick.  For my entry I decided to do something fun.  I present to you…. “A Continuous Motion Journey… Washing Cloth Diapers”

This “video” is actually a string of photographs taken in continuous shoot mode on a Nikon D80.  I had some trouble taking true continuous shots but overall it came out ok.  It was a painstaking job of editing this though.  I am not sure I will do this again!

My routine from the video in detail:

  1. Take dirties out of my modified Diaper Dekor, place new WAHMIES pail liner in.
  2. Take diapers downstairs and start a double cold rinse, squirt a couple shots of bac-out in.
  3. Return downstairs to start my hot wash with 2 cold rinses.  Add 2 scoops of Tiny Bubbles and one scoop of Bambino Mio salts for freshening.
  4. Another trip downstairs for a hot wash with 2 cold rinses with no detergent.  Add one cap of Ecover fabric softener.
  5. Next trip, take clean diapers out of the washer and put in the dryer.
  6. (some days after this I put diapers in need of sunning outside, today there was no sun)
  7. Final trip, take dry fluffies upstairs and stuff, fold, then put away.
  8. If you were counting that is 5 trips up and down two flights of stairs.

Now, if you are participating here is the scoop. Grab my button from this post and use it in your entry with a link back to me. Let people know what you are doing (ex. This is part of the Cloth Diaper Blog Carnival. The topic is “What is your was routine?”) Enter the link to your post in the Mclinky below. I will have it open until the 27th. On the evening of the 25th I will post the code so everyone can insert it into their own post. This will allow people to travel from one post to the next with ease. If you are having trouble getting McLinky to work with your blog ask me for help (kdrosas at gmail dot com). I would like everyone to get the code this time. If all else fails and you can’t get it working, then direct people to this post for them to read the rest.

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