Cloth Diaper “Addiction” or ADDICTION

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see a blogger discuss being “addicted” to cloth diapers or the term get tossed around on Facebook or Twitter.  There are blogs with “Addict” in the title, and even an App that touts it will “Take Your Cloth Diaper Addiction to a whole new Level!”

Everyone jokingly admits that they are “addicted” to buying, browsing, stalking cloth diapers online (or in person, though I’m sure to a lesser degree.)  We all joke back “yes, me too!” or “There should be a 12- Step Program!”

But what about those who are truly ADDICTED to cloth diapers?

Anyone can get addicted to anything.  Judging by the series “Strange Addiction” on TLC there are individuals addicted to anything from tanning to eating toilet paper.  But addictive behavior, no matter WHAT the addiction, is unhealthy.

I want to share some signs of Shopping Addiction that I have replaced “Shopping” or Spending” with cloth diapers.

  • Shopping or spending money Buying Cloth Diapers as result of feeling disappointed, angry, or scared
  • Shopping or spending habits Buying Cloth Diapers is causing emotional distress in one’s life
  • Having arguments with others about one’s shopping or spending habits Cloth Diaper purchases.
  • Feeling lost without credit cards
  • Buying items cloth diapers on credit that would not be bought with cash
  • Feeling a rush of euphoria and anxiety when spending money {on Cloth Diapers}
  • Feeling guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, or confused after shopping or spending money buying cloth diapers
  • Lying to others about purchases made or how much money was spent {on Cloth Diapers}
  • Thinking excessively about money Cloth Diapers
  • Spending a lot of time juggling accounts or bills to accommodate spending {on Cloth Diapers}

Identification with 4 or more of the above behaviors indicates a possible problem with shopping or spending.*

There are other signs of addiction to look for, especially if you are concerned that a friend or loved one is suffering.  Read More Signs.

Having a Large Stash is not necessarily indicative of a true Cloth Diaper Addiciton, neither is enjoying researching and buying cloth diapers.  I would be lying if I said a large portion of my day doesn’t involve cloth diapers.  However, most of that is related to my work and the other portion is actually changing and washing my own cloth diapers.

Some individuals have addictive personalities and cloth diapers are definitely a “healthier” addiction than drugs or alcohol, but the cost and time consumption could have real consequences to themselves and their families.

What can be done to help with a true Cloth Diaper ADDICTION?

  • Remove oneself from the Circle of cloth diapers. The less you know about upcoming stockings and new prints or cloth diapers, the better.
  • “Unlike” the cloth diaper Facebook Fan Pages or withdraw from Facebook altogether for a while.
  • Stop Following Twitter accounts that frequently discuss #clothdiapers or stop using Twitter altogether.
  • Deactivate accounts on any Cloth Diaper Message Boards, especially those with FSOT (For Sale or Trade) Forums.
  • Stop following or reading blogs that frequently post about cloth diapers (Yes, even mine).
  • Or, Unplug completely from the online world to avoid all temptations.
  • Only allow yourself to spend liquid assets and stop using credit to buy diapers.
  • Only get new diapers through selling or trading if you must get new ones.
  • Create a new healthy habit to replace Shopping like Exercise.
  • Find professional help if your problems are, in fact, serious. There are many resources available including Hotlines to call for anyone with an Addiction of any kind.

It can be a fine line between “Hobby” and a true Addiction to Cloth Diapers. Most people reading this will probably think that there is no way someone could really be addicted to cloth diapers, but I’m here to tell you that there are; but they might not know it or admit it.  I am by no means a licensed ANYTHING (but I did read an entire Pyschology Text Book in 1 Day for College if you recall) so of course this “advice” is just that- advice.

What do you think?  Can someone be addicted to cloth diapers?  Have you or someone you know encountered this?

*Information taken from Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery. Read more about Shopping Addiction. Image Credit alancleaver_2000.

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