Cloth Diaper Accessories You’ve Never Heard Of

If you think the only accessories made for cloth diapers are wet bags, snappis, and diaper sprayers then think again!  There are several products that have been released in the past couple of years.  Not all of them are necessary in that you have to have them to cloth diaper, but some might be just what you were looking for… or maybe not.


spray-palThe Spray Pal:

This little device is like a diaper clipboard.  Your poopy filled diaper clips on and protective sides unfold around it like a cubicle of sorts.  While your diaper is “in the office” you spray the poop off, keeping the poop spray particles off of other furniture and walls (or yourself).  For some people this has been exactly what they were looking for.  Others find it just one more thing to clean poop off of.

Find more about these on, including a demo video showing how they work, which will make the lights go on a little more than the photo.



First there were pins, then the game changing Snappi. Then came Boingo- a pin/snappi hybrid. The Boingo has the grippy tines of a snappi and the same stretchy rubber, but there are two that go on each side of a prefold, fitted, or flat. I’ve used them and still prefer my Snappi but these can come in handy to extend the life of a prefold that is too small to use with a snappi. With no center holding the diaper sometimes they can be more of a challenge to keep the diaper together (in my experience).  While not as obscure as some of the others here on the list I decided to include it because I still encounter experienced cloth diapering parents who haven’t heard of them.

Find them at many cloth diaper stores online or locally.

butlerThe Cloth Diaper Butler

Finally! A butler who will wash my cloth diapers! Edit- I read the website and learned this is not a butler who washes cloth diapers. Sorry! So it is actually a device that is meant to clip onto your cloth diaper and be a counterweight so that it can soak in your toilet without you holding it in place. Then you can spray the diaper holding the handle. My fear has been “how do you transport the soaking wet diaper from toilet to pail/bag” so maybe you have an idea for that?

Find out more on


diaperDuckThe Diaper Duck

This is a rare object indeed, an artifact from long ago that is still sold and still gets the job done.  The job being “wringing out diapers” that are sopping wet.  Maybe this is a good companion to the Cloth Diaper Butler?!  Lots of readers brought this item to my attention during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge because, for most of us, the wringing out of diapers to expedite air drying after handwashing was the most laborious task.  If you handwash diapers (prefolds or flats) then the Diaper Duck could be the answers to your prayers!

Find it if you can…. 

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