Christmas in October for Cloth Diaper Print Lovers!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you have seen that many cloth diaper brands have been releasing new prints recently.  And there are more coming!  The ABC Kids Expo begins this weekend.  Lots of cloth diaper manufacturers will be there to show off their newest products.  This means we are going to be hearing even more announcements very soon!  I went last year and had a blast, but I am a little (ok, a lot) pregnant this year and can’t be there!

Here are the ones we know so far, let me know if I have missed any!

bumGenius! unveiled their new Tiny Socialite Collection,  designed my Chelsea Perry.  This is the first in their “Artist Series.”  I think we can safely say this has been the most controversial and polarizing release.  Responses have ranged from love to disgust.  The fact is, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!  You can see my son modeling the entire collection in a previous post.

The Tiny Socialite Collection

Rumparooz was an earlier release, with two new prints.  Rumparooz has so far been the leader in the print world.  They often have limited prints and they come out with new ones fairly often!

Eco Owl

Gro Via just showed off their new prints that will be available in December.  These prints will grace the AI2/Hybrids and the All-in-One.  Many retailers are open for pre-orders.

Gro Via Prints

Bummis has been busy over the past couple of weeks.  First they released the new prints for the Tots Bots Easy Fits, and most recently, let us in on 2 new prints for their Bummis Super Whisper Wraps.  I have a feeling we will be seeing even more fun stuff soon!

The 6 New Tots Bots Prints!

Thirsties had a low key release of a new print in 2 colors.  Pictured is Baby Bird Blue.  Also comes in lavender.

Baby Bird Blue

*Just added

Happy Heinys has a few new prints.  They have been releasing them on their facebook page, which is where I found the photo!  There are even more new prints on their facebook page.  Ooga Boogas, Circles, and more.

Puppies on tan
Glow in the Dark Skulls on Grey, Owls on White

I am still waiting to see the new prints from Softbums that they released at ABC, and a few others.  I did not add the adorable Weehuggers prints because they are a cotton knit over PUL, not a true PUL print.

Which print is your favorite?!

Do you need to own any (or all) of these?!?  You can always place a pre-order using my affiliate link for Kelly’s Closet! You can support my blog and your fluff addiction, all at the same time!

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