Chelory SD All-in-One Review

Chelory SD AIO

Chelory is a highly sought after brand that you can often only find by stalking their stocking times. When I was asked to review one I was definitely going to say yes! I have heard so much about these diapers already that I had to see if the hype was there or this was another over-hyped WAHM diaper. What I found was that this SD AIO is only one of two All-in-Ones that I have reviewed that will stand up to a heavy wetter. In fact, it is probably the most absorbent All-in-One I have ever reviewed. While the diaper might not be for everyone, especially the price, there is a market for high end and absorbent AIO’s and Chelory has found a nice niche!
chelory sd aio
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ Easy Peasy diaper that requires nothing more than putting on the baby and taking it off. Every so often you will have to adjust the rise but probably 3 or fewer times the entire time you are diapering. These are also available in snaps. The hardest thing you will find about this diaper is getting it to dry quickly.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The diaper retails for 32$ and change. By now I’m no stranger to diapers over $30 dollars; there are many on the market. What this diaper offers is a chance for mamas of heavy wetters a chance to use an AIO that won’t leak (or probably won’t) and that won’t be saturated in minutes. It is also a WAHM made diaper and uses designer prints when possible plus nice materials like bamboo and zorb.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The absorbency is pretty darn impressive. Zorb and bamboo combine in the soakers for an unmatched absorbency level. The diaper isn’t the trimmest however, for the amount of liquid it will hold it is trim. I have used it several times overnight without a leak, including on my 3.5 year old since he still has night time wettings on occasion.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ I love that they are upfront about the diaper fitting starting at 12 pounds. Several brands I have reviewed will say “8 lbs” but typicall they fit best and leak free after 10 pounds. You’ll need to wait a few more pounds for this diaper but it lasts up to 40. The soakers inside the diaper have some weight to them. My tiny complaint is that this did make the diaper sag in between the legs and there was a gap around Ev’s legs if he was sitting a certain way.
Overall: Since my son isn’t a heavy wetter I don’t need the amount of absorbency there exceot overnight but I know a lot of mama’s who do need this and will love having a nice All-in-One diaper. I found these diapers to be very well made and they should last a very long time. The description on their website plainly states that due to the many layers the diaper will take a long time to dry. This was true and it didn’t dry in one cycle so I would lay it out and let it air dry.  Chelory suggests flipping the soaker out while drying to speed up the process.
Where to Buy You will want to like Chelory on Facebook to keep up with their stocking schedule. Diapers for sale on the Hyene Cart store.

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