Cheeky Diapers One Size Cover Review

Cheeky Diapers OS Cover

cheekylogoI love a gal with a sense of humor, and I think Beth,  the WAHM behind  Cheeky Diapers, has a great one!  I can’t get over what a great name she came up with for her diapers!  And, if you visit her website you will see that she is really a Cheeky mom!  The graphics are perfect for the brand name, and the ingeniuos “design your own diaper” program is a fun adventure.  We have absolutely similar fabric tastes, so much so that I had a hard time choosing!

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PS.  I am trying a new video editing software, so be kind.  I had trouble dubbing due to some video choppiness, so I was getting lost…  working on these issues to better serve you!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ The mechanics of the diaper cover are simple enough.  You have two options,: you can snap the cover, or velcro.  In actuality, when you are snapping the diaper, you are velcroing it as well.  But when you velcro it, you don’t always have to snap it.  The rise folds over for smaller babies, so as you are putting it on you can fold it over depending on the size of the baby, then affix your snaps or velcro.  To remove undo and use your laundry tabs.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰✰ The one size Cheeky Diaper cover is $15!  This is a great price for such an adorable cover!  I am in love with the fabric choices and the design/ cut of the diaper.  I had a blast designing mine!  If you don’t want snaps, it is $14!

Performance ✰✰✰✰ A cover of this nature is really good for day time use, and even better for showing off!  I would not recommend using this as an overnight cover, simply because the cotton knit on the outside could wick.  I did not experience wicking, but I am well aware that my son is not a heavy wetter at all.  Obviously, it is your decision!  I just think designer covers should be for the daytime.  Naps are a toss up, depending on how long your baby naps and if they are heavy wetters.  I didn’t experience leaks with the diaper at all, or wicking of any sort.

Fit ✰✰✰ The fit for my son was great in the legs, but a little high in the rise.  There wasn’t a way to fold it down just a tad, like I needed.  It was completely functional at this height, but for under clothes I would like it to be a little lower.  No one size diaper adjustment is completely perfect when it folds down.  You have the issue of the leg holes which might be too large..  I am not able to review this diaper on any other size settings.  Hopefully the video will give you an idea of the fit variations.

Testing a Cheeky Diaper Cover!
Cheeky Diapers Cover!

Overall– I would give these covers a shot.  I know there are a lot of WAHM diapers and covers that are adorable, but these offer some unique improvements and the designs are fabulous!  You can design your own diaper without emailing back and forth and possibly having a misunderstanding that results in a diaper you don’t want.  With the “deisgn your own diaper” you see exactly what you are getting.  Granted, it is a drawing, but you get a very good idea of  the end result.  Can you tell I love this?  LOVE IT!

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