CBS- Disposables are equal to Cloth Diapers!

Can you believe this?  CBS interviewed Jeffrey Hollender, President of Seventh Generation (a disposable diaper manufacturer) and he claims that disposables are tied with cloth in their effect on the environment. His argument being that in areas that do not have water to spare, washing cloth diapers is bad for the environment. Besides the flaws in his logic, do you really trust a man who makes his living selling “green” disposable diapers?

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If you are as outraged as I am please leave CBS a comment. This nonsense should not be spread! This only validates the excuses moms who use disposables use. Instead of just saying, “I don’t have time to wash diapers.” They can now claim (wrongfully), “Cloth diapers are as bad for the environment as disposables.”  Below is what I wrote to CBS in blind fury!

Do you really trust the source?!?! If it were not better for the environment then I would be wasting a lot of time washing my laundry! Yes, it used energy and water. But to counteract that energy you can line dry, which many mama do. And like others mentioned, the waste goes to a water treatment plant, not into our streams and soil. I cannot tell you how many times I have come across dirty disposables rotting after being thrown out of a car window. These parents have no shame, and neither do the disposable diaper companies. They are shaking in their boots because more and more mamas are learning that cloth diapering is a better choice for their wallets, the environment, and their babies. Now they are running a smear campaign.
While I doubt the world will completely switch to cloth the change is coming, so watch out! No amount of phony research can hide the truth!

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