Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra Review

The longer I nurse the more I start longing for the days of wearing beautiful, lacy, SEXY bras again.  I know part of this is tied to wanting to feel sexy again, and part is getting over the hump of the after pregnancy/birth lack of *ahem* desire for certain things.  Once that desire is back I would like to start looking more desirable and less “sweatpants.”

Usually nursing and sexy bras don’t go together.  There are many brands offering cozy and comfortable nursing bras.  I should know, I own many of them and wear them on a daily basis.  However, when I get all dressed up I would like to have a bra that matches that feeling.  Something sexy, lacy, feminine, and that still gives me access to nurse my baby.

Enter the Cake Lingerie line of nursing bras.  Out of the “sexy” brands now offered for nursing bras I feel this brand is the sexiest!  I was fortunate enough to get to see their line in person at ABC Kids Expo.  These bras are made better and designed better than the bras I wore before having kids.

Cake Lingerie does make the popular nursing bra option of the “smooth cup” for under T-Shirts, and more day to day wear bras.  For my review I was able to try one of the bras in their Fashion line.  I was sent Coconut Ice (Plunge).  This bra has a lot of details- lace all the way around, pretty pink and black striped fabric on the bust, decorative straps, a oretty black bow in the center, and a multitude of settings on the back for the ever changing pregnant and nursing figure.

After doing some playing around with the straps and adjusting it to my size, I was happy to find a different kind of silhouette than my every day nursing bras achieved.   It wasn’t something I would wear under my everyday tight T-Shirts, but would look pretty awesome under my nice dresses.  It was more of a “bombshell” shape.

It was a challenge for me to decide on a size.  The company uses a different sizing system and I was torn as to what would fit best.  After some translating from the European sizes and talking with Ashleigh from Cake Lingerie, I decided on a 32 D and it was a bit too big in the cup.  I used some padded inserts from a bikini I had laying around in order to test the shape better.  In most other brands from the US I am usually a 32 D- 32 DD.

I loved everything about the bra when it came to the shape, the appearance, the quality, and the attention to details.  The only thing was that my skin didn’t like the lace!  Insert sad face here.  I just couldn’t wear this bra all day.  By the late afternoon I was one of those women who walk in from a day out at work/ running errands, who immediately unclasp and throw off their bra. It was kind of funny because I have been wearing shapeless and plain cotton nursing bras for so long I forgot what wearing something “pretty” actually felt like before having babies.  The band with the lace trim caused some itching.  It wasn’t the FIT that made it uncomfortable.  I would like to try their Toffee bra in the future; with no lace I expect it would be much more comfortable for longer periods of time.  It is also the ONLY nursing bra with a convertible strap option!

One thing that is nice about the shape of this bra is the wide set straps.  Often, with nursing bras your straps are more centered to the cup.  Certain shirts require wider straps or else they will be visible.  I like to wear this bra with my Toni Top, and even though that top is so wide set they somtimes sneak out, this is a bra that works with it.  Plus the straps are pretty, black, and lacy, so it works.

I was so impressed with the company and I’m thrilled that I met them at ABC Kids.  They really understand what goes into making a maternity and nursing bra.  They offer a huge variety of sizes, including Plus Sizes, and styles.  I’ve never talked to a man who knows more about nursing bras than Keith, who was at the booth during ABC Kids.

I’m going to be stalking Zulily and hope that Cake Lingerie comes back so that I can try one of their other bras.  Admittedly, their price is high at around 59.00 per bra.  After you have tried a lot of cheaper bras and realize how quickly they wear out their welcome and lose shape you start thinking of more expensive bras as an investment.  It has been a gradual shift in my thinking.  But, I still prefer saving money when I can, which is why I try catching good brands like Cake Lingerie on sale.

You can also find Cake Lingerie at A Mother’s Boutique here in the US in select styles.  If you are unsure of your size I know Judy will answer your questions.

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