Bumkins “Stuff-It” One Size Pocket Review

Bumkins Stuff It Cloth Diaper Review
Bumkins Stuff-it

I have pretty much avoided the Bumkins line of diapers like the plague. Rarely had I ever heard positive reviews of them. Occasionally a reader would ask if I had reviewed them and I would laugh to myself and say “Of course not.”

It wasn’t until I attended the ABC Kids Expo that I decided I should try them. Bumkins redesigned their line of cloth diapers. I’m not familiar enough with the old line to compare but they added a One Size Cover, Newborn Cover, and a One Size Pocket and discontinued the old styles. My review is for the “Stuff-It” One Size Pocket diaper that I purchased to review when it came to Zulily.com (ref. link).

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Bumkins diapers use large velcro tabs, much like the tabs seen on the Tots Bots line. These are the same tabs as I what I remember seeing on their old diapers though they certainly could be an improved version, I’m not sure. They cross over on either side and bend back on themselves before washing (or rather, you bend them. IF ONLY they attached themselves before washing!) The best thing going for this diaper is that it has pocket openings on both ends which makes it a sleeve diaper. Sleeve diapers do not need to be unstuffed before washing so you keep your hands dry and clean! Sizing is done with a 3×4 grid of snaps on the rise. There are 3 sizes to choose from and 4 snaps that are horizontal to close when you resize. I found that odd but it doesn’t make resizing difficult at all.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The list price on the Stuff-it is 16.95 but many websites have it for 14.95. Even though it seems cheaper it does only come with a flimsy microfiber insert that many will find insufficient for their child, though it definitely worked for us since Everett isn’t a heavy wetter. If you add the cost of a hemp or other insert to add or replace then that brings the price back up to most one size pockets.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ Everything worked really well on the diaper for us, even with a flimsy insert. I was worried that the unique, shiny and soft outer fabric would wick but I never had any leaks or wicking.
Fit ✩✩✩ On Everett we had the rise snapped to the middle rise and that worked pretty well even though the legs weren’t as tight as I like. I just don’t see this diaper fitting an infant well with the bulk it has between the legs but since I haven’t tested it on one I can’t say that for sure. I liked that there was a good bit of fabric on top of the velcro which kept the velcro from rubbing his tummy.
Overall: I’m surprised that I liked the diaper as much as I did. We all know that Everett doesn’t wet out of any diapers (or rarely does) so it could be a different story for others. Bumkins has a Dr. Seuss license so you can find a couple unique prints, plus that fabric finish is definitely different.
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