bumGenius New Elemental 3.0 One-Size Diaper Review

5 Ease of Use
4 Bang for the Buck
5 Performance
5 Fit

When I got my hands on this diaper, I immediately had a flashback. I remembered perusing through Buy Buy Baby in Charlotte while registering for Bennett’s baby shower. There’s nothing more exciting and equally overwhelming than registering for your firstborn child, especially when you plan to take on cloth diapering.

I saw bumGenius diapers there, hanging on the wall next to stacks of disposables. I had done research on countless cloth brands prior to registering, but bumGenius was the first diaper brand I got to actually hold in my hands. But I put it back. We had decided we would go with prefolds and covers for our entire stash, so all-in-ones and pockets weren’t on my radar at the time.

Rookie mistake.

Now that I’m a seasoned cloth diaper mom, I recognize that a mixed stash is more realistic, in my opinion. I recognize that it would have been smart for me to register a few bumGenius back then. Now that I’ve added this all-organic bumGenius AIO to my stash, I will tell you what: This is a diaper I reach for, a lot.

Editor’s Note: DDL has reviewed the older styles of the Elementals before, this post has a comparison of the first two versions for reference. I love the improvements on this latest version, old school fans of the original are now satisfied! You may see this diaper referred to as Elemental 3.0, New Elemental, and possibly even bumGenius Organic AIO online. If buying used look inside to verify which version it is.

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Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ The latest version of the bumGenius Elemental is arguably one of the most straightforward diapers out there. If you’re a first-time parent, don’t pass on this one. The New Elemental has the always attached, loop-style soaker, which is 100% organic cotton and provides 6 layers of absorbency. And the brand has brought back the cotton lining underneath, too, which was a popular feature among bumGenius Elemental fans who seemed skeptical of the previous version’s exposed PUL. Plus, you can simply slide in additional boosters or soakers underneath the loop; it’s pretty foolproof if you ask me. One piece. One size. No confusion. What’s not to love?

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩This is an all organic AIO that fits from 8-35+ lbs and costs about $25. Many may deem this “expensive,” but I’d say it’s fairly reasonable. You can find rivaling brands for slightly less and some for just as much. I have also heard the organic cotton lining can wear and get holes near the leg gussets over time but I can’t personally attest to this (yet). I have a feeling that if this is, in fact, true, the wear and tear is due to a lot of love for this diaper over a long period of time and not due to defective or “cheap” material. The organic cotton soaker and lining is heavenly soft, clearly quality, and should retain most (but likely not all) of its softness as it becomes well-loved.

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Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ I have had zero leak issues with this diaper, and I have a highly active, heavy-wetter toddler; I think that says a lot about this diaper’s design and absorbency. I do have to mention that the loop soaker can and will likely bunch up a bit when worn, but this shouldn’t create leak issues thanks to the double layer of cotton lining underneath. Besides, the elastics all around fit nice and snug up to baby’s skin, so you should be covered.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Considering its many layers of ultra-absorbent organic cotton, you’d think this diaper would 1) take forever to dry and 2) be big and bulky. But luckily, at least for me, this diaper dries in the same amount of time as the rest of my diapers. Even better: this diaper is undeniably trim. So often I see diapers that must sacrifice absorbency for a slim fit, but the latest Elemental boasts absorbency without the bulk. It’s been said that this diaper can, however, be bulky on a newborn, but that seems to be a common complaint of many one-size AIOs on newborns these days—I’ll have to report back on that claim once our second bundle is born. That aside, I’m a big fan of the fit. The 3×3 durable snaps allow for simple sizing adjustments, whether your babe fits into the small, medium, or large category.

Overall: This new and improved Elemental 3.0 from bumGenius is a reliable diaper that both new and seasoned cloth diaperers will be wanting in their stashes, and babysitters and caregivers, too, will be thankful for its simplicity and ultra-absorbency. I’ve been able to get a solid 3-4 hours (at least) out of this diaper—with no leaks—and just one added Sherpa liner on my 19-month-old boy, and I’m thrilled that it’s not an epic struggle to slide jeans over this trim diaper. The softness of the 100% organic cotton loop soaker and lining is enough to gush over. The bumGenius New Elemental is just a solid pick all around. I have high hopes that it can withstand a whole lot of love when we’ve got 2 under 2 in cloth soon.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet (in stock now)

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