bumGenius Freetime, New Elemental, and 4.0 Comparison Video

⟩⟩⟩ Since there is a new version of the bumGenius Elemental I knew the people (you guys!) would want a new comparison video.  A cloth diaper video maker’s job is never done, eh?  I made a pretty fabulous video for this one so you have to watch it.  There will be far more information in the video but a brief run-down is below.

The main difference between the three diapers comes down to the insides- the outsides are virtually identical except the leg elastic on the bumGenius Elemental.



[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”26″ size_format=”px” color=”#017575″]⟩⟩⟩The New bumGenius Elemental[/typography]  is explained in depth in another video: bumGenius Elemental {New vs Old} so I won’t beat a dead horse.  It is still an all-in-one, still has an organic cotton soaker, still attached at both sides, still doesn’t come in aplix-only snaps, and still uses the same sizing.  The changes: there is no longer a layer of cotton beneath the soaker and now it has exposed PUL, the elastic is encased and all polyester is what touches baby’s skin (no longer that puffy non-encased elastic covered in cotton) and the soakers attach a lot flatter by serging.  They seem a bit wider between the legs and the inserts do seem to shift/bunch up more than the old Elemental.  I have decided I prefer the old version myself.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”26″ size_format=”px” color=”#07b3b3″]⟩⟩⟩The bumGenius Freetime[/typography] is another all-in-one from bumGenius but this one has a stay dry lining and microfiber soakers-two of them, that attach like petals to each end.  It is also explained in depth in the video and review: bumGenius Freetime video/review.  Initially those petals freaked me out when it came to poop but now I see if you let them hang over the toilet and spray them they aren’t nearly as hard to spray as I thought they would be.  The sizing is also 3-step rise, elastic is encased, and it has the option of snaps and aplix.  I’ve come to like this diaper quite a bit and would say it is second to the old Elemental, but first choice in the current line-up from bumGenius.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”26″ size_format=”px” color=”#0cedcf”]⟩⟩⟩The bumGenius 4.0[/typography] is a worldwide favorite among cloth diaperers.  For good reason, it is the most economical of these three diapers.  It is also One Size with a 3 Step Rise adjustment.  It has encased elastic with handy easier access to the elastic channel for replacement since the diapers last longer than the elastic normally does.  It has a lining of stay dry suedecloth and an envelope opening at the back where you stuff the microfiber inserts.  The 4.0 comes with 2 inserts standard- a One Size and a newborn/doubler for either using on the smallest rise with a tony baby or adding to the other insert for more absorbency.  The bulk of my personal stash is 4.0’s and once upon a time, was the previous version 3.0.  These also come in aplix or snaps.  When these first released I compared them to the 3.0 version for anyone interested in that video: bumGenius 4.0 Compared to bumgenius 3.0.


If you have the older Elemental and want to see how it stacks up to the Freetime and 4.0 I have an older video comparison and a handy chart for reference: Elemental (old version) compared to Freetime and 4.0.
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