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With the release of the new bumGenius Elemental comes, of course, a new video showing the new right next to the old.  The Elemental cloth diaper has always held a top spot in my favorites list so I was anxious to see the changes. The video does the best job of showing the differences but I will quickly make a few comments here as well.  I have not tested the new Elemental enough yet to comment on how it is working so stay tuned for a more official review down the line.

oldnew3 copy oldnew5 copy oldnew6 oldnew7

Wider Soaker
Easier to add inserts beneath soaker
Encased elastic
Smoother lining
Less risk of holes forming on legs and at stress points
Slightly modified sizing (haven’t test this yet to compare fit)

No cotton lining beneath soaker
Encased elastic on legs (some people prefer this style)
Same price but slightly less cotton
Looks a bit “cheaper” due to the leg elastic stitching (aesthetic issue only)

I’m in the camp of people who appreciate the new design. Perhaps it is because I have retired at least 6-8 of my own Elementals (originally bumGenius Organics) from my original stash that were suffering from so many holes that I deemed them unusable anymore. I have always kept about 6 in my stash for each child because they are trim, have always worked well for days, and are very easy to use. The only drawback used to be the drying time, but I will report back on that later in a review.

If you are looking to try them they are carried at my affiliates Kelly’s Closet and Diaper Junction, however there is a waiting list. (affiliate links)  Cotton Babies has them in stock now (not affiliate link.)

Have you had a chance to use the new bumGenius Elemental? What did you think?

The new bumGenius Elemental was sent to me free of charge for the purposes of this video and post.  All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.  
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