Breastfeeding During the Holidays

{Email subscribers should click over to see the embedded video} I love spending time with my family during the Holidays.  This means there are get togethers and maybe even a party or two.  These events, at least in my family, are LOUD and packed with people you see only once or twice a year and some people you see often.

As much as I advocate for women to nurse in public I will admit that I am nervous about nursing in front of my own family.  I haven’t put my finger on the reason.  Part of it could be that I am not very comfortable around some of my family members to begin with, and part could be the fear of slipping and showing more of my breast than I would like to.

I do not use covers and don’t plan to start now.  Everett wouldn’t have it either.  He is also a very distracted nurser so I have to either find a quiet place to nurse him, or come armed with items that make it easier for him to nurse without popping off every 5 seconds and exposing my nipple.

When I went to the ABC Kids Expo I was fortunate enough to find a few things (and came home with them too!) that do just that.  I show them off on my video embedded above, but I’ve also written more about them.

The first is the Toni Top designed by the same woman who masterminded the (uh-ma-zing) Pumpease Handsfree Nursing Bra.  The Toni Top is meant to be worn by women who are pregnant, nursing, or not nursing.  It doesn’t look like a maternity or breastfeeding top.  In fact, it is one of the most stylish tops in my wardrobe right now.  The criss-crossed panels move up or down to allow you to nurse discreetly.  I demo-ed the top at ABC and was able to easily keep myself covered whenever Ev decided, on a whim, to pop off.  It makes nursing a distracted toddler easy.  I will say that you have to find just the right nursing bra to work with the top since it is cut in a diamond shape.  Your bra will need straps that are wider set.  I have found my HOTMilk and Cake Lingerie to be the best fit, however they still can show.  I do usually just  put a black tank top with 1 inch straps on under.  These will cover my straps.  I would also love for it to come in an XS and more colors, perhaps a goldenrod yellow or avocado green?! (I just saw that Smoke is the next color and they will have a pencil skirt to match.  I need them BOTH!)

My second “MUST HAVE” for nursing in public and keeping Everett happy and contained is my Mommy Necklace.  I’ve been a fan since I discovered them early in my first son’s life, so almost 3 years ago now.  I only have a couple but I could easily buy more if my wallet let me.  Mommy Necklaces are designed to be handled by babies but look stylish.  They have various styles, lengths, and pendant choices.  I prefer the dangling donut myself.

When you really need a baby to be entertained you will want to bring out the big guns…. the Nourish.  Nourish is the classier cousin of the Snazzy.  I used to use the Snazzy when I was flying and needed to keep the little hands occupied.  Nourish is a more toned down version of  Snazzy.  It still has a lot of color to it, but it keeps to a jewel tone family and not primary colors and rainbows.  The beads are more rounded in case you are babywearing (the Snazzy had a few square beads and Raelynn explained her reason for changing this was for babywearing in case the baby was laying on it) but it is still a fun necklace for the baby to explore.

Another option in the necklace department would be Teething Bling.  It is more simple than a Mommy Necklace but provides something for the babies to nibble on and the large donut is easily palmed.  They offer a variety of colors and some patterns.  I have a bronze and black and wear them both; they happen to match most of my wardrobe.

A Mother’s Boutique saw my post of me nursing my son in the Toni Top and said I was so pretty in it (Judy, I had to tell someone!) that she would love me to review it and would love to sponsor a giveaway.  I had planned on posting about the top at some point anyways since I love it so much, so a giveaway in conjunction is just icing on the cake!  In case you aren’t aware, Judy is the Boobie Whisperer and can help any of you find the perfect nursing bra.  She offers virtual fittings too.

Now for the Giveaway!!!  I will be giving a Toni Top away to one lucky DDL reader.  I also have a Nourish Necklace that I was given at ABC Kids to give to one of my readers!  Enter on the Rafflecopter below.  You will need Javascript enabled to enter.

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