Breastfeeding and Teeth!

Sitting up and nursing.
Sitting up and nursing.

The time that I have been dreading since taking my baby home from the hospital is here: top teeth. I used to always tell people when they asked how long I would breastfeed for that when he got teeth, we were done. The first time I considered this wouldn’t be the case was after I talked to my lactation consultant. She assured me that not all babies bite, and if they do, there are ways to handle the situation without weaning. Hmmm…. maybe I could get through it. I sure worked hard enough at breastfeeding that I didn’t want to throw it all away because of a few little teeth.

Now, he has two tiny top teeth emerging; one made it out before the other. They are now in a race to the finish! Since they have made themselves known, my son has taken a few nibbles. Nothing major, just a little bite to let me know they are there. The teeth have also changed the way we nurse. He likes to tug a little, and turn his head this way and that. With teeth in the equation, this can no longer be done. Now, tugging and turning can lead to scraping and bruising! He has also recently discovered that he can nurse sitting upright. He is control of the situation when upright. He will pop off and then latch himself back on like it is his new favorite game! I also like this game because he seems so proud of himself. “Yay mommy, I can get food whenever I want!”

2 top teeth (he has 2 on bottom as well) and a mouthful of teeth are very different, I’m sure. For now, I am

Development of baby teeth.  Photo:
Development of baby teeth. Photo:

relieved to know that my son is happy enough in his breastfeeding relationship with me to spare my poor nipples. Perhaps he remembers the severe pain he put me through 8 months ago. Or, maybe he knows that without my breasts he would starve since he has yet to figure out that bottle thingy I hand him every 4 months. All I know is that I am so thrilled to have made it to 8 months, and I plan to fight the good fight! I would like to avoid formula completely. Plus, I love nursing so much I may just set the world record for longest nursing mother. Look out crazy British Lady! I’m gonna breastfeed my son at his wedding!

***Note:  I am not going to do that.

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