BobaAir Saved My Sanity! Review, Giveaway and #BobaSaveMe Instagram Contest

I want to share a little story with you.  It all started at 1 am two Sundays ago.  I woke up to my son screaming in pain.  At the time I assumed it was tooth related.  I nursed him what ended up being all night and he was still in pain the next day.  Turns out the kid had strep throat, double ear infections, and lymph node infections.  (I wrote about Everett’s illness just a few days ago in greater detail and his eventual hospital stay)

Let’s just say that the next few days were HELL.  I know my kid was sick but holy cow, I was miserable too.  He didn’t like sitting down so I walked him around the house all day Sunday.   He got as much boob as he wanted but even that didn’t help.

I didn’t eat, hardly bathed, and watched far more cartoons that any person should.

Then on Cinco De Mayo, the best excuse to make Mexican food ever, I took him to the grocery store with me.  I packed him into my BobaAir on my front and we shopped.  As luck would have it, this made him happy!  He was content.

Grocery shopping with the sick one.

Then I kicked myself because, HELLO, of course babywearing would make him happy.  My arms were practically the size of a weight lifter’s from almost 2 days of carrying him around for hours.  He is 2.5 years old people!

I got some looks because, well, I’m 5’3” and petite and my son looks almost as big as me.  Do you think I gave a flying fish?  Nope.  After that successful day I spent hours each day until he was better finding excuses to go out and walk around with him in my Boba.

We bought supplies to make homemade iced coffee and he rode in the BobaAir happily.  I went thrifting and bought 7 more doors for the inside of my house and he was safe and happy in my carrier.   I even made it a point to go to Ikea just to endure the long shopping trip that would be in order to have a reason to walk around with him in the BobaAir.  My most genius move?  Going to a PetSmart to let him look at the fish.  It is cheaper than an aquarium.  Anything, anything to make him stop crying and give my arms and boobs a break.

I tell you.  I almost lost my mommy mind.  At least there were 2 solutions that worked for me while Ev was miserable: Boobs and Babywearing.

I mentioned this earlier, but my son ended up being admitted to the hospital.  I even found babywearing to be a saving grace there, and on the rare occasion he didn’t have his IV connected I would wear him and walk up and down the halls.  At one point he was in a lot of pain and I reluctantly asked for morphine to help him because he was so upset… I walked him around the halls and within 5 minutes of being worn and walked he was suddenly feeling much better!  The nurses were so surprised when they saw how much better he was feeling, without even taking the medicine, and they all wanted to know what the “contraption” was that I was using to wear him in.  The good news is that after our 2.5 day stay he was feeling better and we were discharged.  Right now he is at 98%.


As for the deets on the BobaAir and how it works for us I will give you that too since that is more than likely what you want to hear.

bobaairreviewThe BobaAir is the first carrier that is totally self contained for travel into a small zippered pouch.  Unzip it and unpack it to reveal a carrier!  While it is not padded on the waist belt or shoulder straps like the Boba 3G it is still comfortable enough for shorter trips such as shopping.  I’ve been using it since it was released (so about a year now), with my  2.5 year old, and even with a toddler it has enough support.

I like to wear the shoulder straps slightly over my shoulders to spread out the weight in order to compensate for the lack of padding.

Often I get asked about how hot it gets because it is nylon.  I live in sunny Florida and have used it indoors and out.  I haven’t noticed it being any hotter than other styles of soft structured carriers.  And honestly, all carriers get hot because you have the body heat of a small baby or toddler next to your own body.  Things just get hot and sweaty regardless.  As for it being hot for the child, I would say they are hot from your body too.

The BobaAir goes on easily once you unzip it and pull it from the pocket.  I love that even though it is a bare bones carrier it still have a sleep hood and that it can be tucked into the zip pocket at the front.  My only minor complaint is that is can be difficult to get the carrier quickly packed back into the pouch.

The price is low at $65.00.  If you are only babywearing for smaller trips and excursions it could be your primary carrier, however for those with younger babies who will likely be wearing their them for long periods around the home and out this is more of a secondary carrier.  Being small it has a lot of advantages.  I keep it in my car, and if I think I will need it, I throw it into my purse.  It has been a real lifesaver this year.  I grab it even when I’m home to use inside on occasion because it is so darn easy to put my son in.  He is almost too old for babywearing and these days only likes to be worn when he is sick.  It seems like he is getting sick on a way too regular basis so the BobaAir and I have been getting closer, especially last week when he had strep and HSP.  He literally didn’t walk for 8 days and preferred to be carried, worn, or pushed anywhere he goes.

Now the Boba Air also comes in Blue and I’m sure as time goes on they might come out with more colors. Update! They literally just released a new color this week- WHITE!  

So yeah, I’m a fan.  I really love Boba and have been using their carriers since it first came out so when the BobaAir came out I was really excited!  I know it took me almost a year to write this review but I’m glad I waited until after using it in so many situations and at so many places.  I grab it whenever we think Everett might get tired of walking when we are out and about and having that “safety net” of a carrier always handy, in my car or purse, is a good feeling.

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Upload a creative and fun photo that shows why you need a BobaAir to Instagram!  You must tag @Boba and use the hashtag #BobaSaveMe.

Da’ Rules- The most creative and applicable to the subject photo will win.  Think outside of the box!  Did your kid pull down a shelf of nicely folded towels at Target because you didn’t have your carrier with you?  Use that!  A photo of you carrying your kid around when you would have rather had a BobaAir?  That works too!  I’m sure you guys can think of some funny and interesting ways to show how handy this little pouch can be to have around for those unexpected times that you really could have used a BobaAir to save you!  You don’t have to be babywearing in the photo or even have a child in the image!  Almost anything goes if it fits the theme!  Please, please just use common sense… if you are staging a photo and using your baby do it safely.   The photos will be judged by the Boba Team and myself.  Upload a photo between now and midnight on 5/24.  A winner will be announced on 5/28.  Only open to US Residents 18 and older.  I don’t think I’m as good as you guys but here are a few fun ones I came up with… just to get you started with ideas!  You do not have to include text with your images but a caption to the photo is encouraged.

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