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 It is no secret how much I love Boba products.  I’ve been using their carriers since the first ever Boba 1g was released, then the 2g, then the 3g, and then of course the Boba Air, which is still currently my go-to carrier.  What I never did get to use was their wrap, formerly known as the Sleepy Wrap.  Now they are all branded under the Boba name.  The Boba Wrap is an extremely stretchy wrap which is intended for infants and babies in the front carry only.  Due to their stretchy nature they have a higher learning curve because moms tend to wrap loose which will cause the baby to sag.  Wrap those babies TIGHT in these and they will be in heaven, securely wrapped in a cozy Boba wrap.  And mom will be confident knowing baby is secure and happy while she goes about her day, hands free.  Because I no longer have a “baby” (don’t tell Everett that, he still thinks he is a baby in almost every way…) I asked friend and occasional contributor Katrina to review Boba Wrap in one of their lovely new prints.  A stretchy wrap in prints?!  Where were these when I had a newborn?  Please read on for her review and stay for the giveaway at the end.

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Katrina’s Review- I was given the opportunity to review the Boba Wrap, and in one of their new prints which was even more exciting. The Boba Wrap is a stretchy, 95% cotton, 5% spandex carrier that can accommodate a newborn and is intended to hold a child until 18months of age. Boba has released two prints Ocean, a color blocking print of grey and blues, and Stardust, which is a grey and white diamond like pattern, they also offer 13 additional solid colors, and two Organic options. The carrier comes in at a reasonable price range offering, $38, $45, and $60 options.

newborn, 7 lbs in the "love your baby" holdI started using the carrier when my daughter was about two months old and 12 pounds, like other wraps on the market there is a learning curve and several steps to remember to get the carrier tied onto you. I had used a wrap in the past that had no stretch to it, with the Boba wrap I needed to make sure I tied the wrap onto myself very tight so that the baby did not sag too low. In the beginning I thought the stretch was a disadvantage, but soon I realized it was just the opposite. The stretch in the Boba wrap meant I could easily place the baby into the wrap and back out again , and the stretch made the carrier significantly easier to nurse in! My only concern with the stretchiness is that as the carrier adjusts after long periods it can make it uncomfortable in my neck and shoulders, and when that happens I need to lift up the baby and tighten everything again, I’d imagine wearing older children up to the 18month range Boba claims would require more frequent adjustments. For me selecting a go to carrier means that it meets certain criteria, one being the baby feels very snug and secure. I have a two and four year old as well and day to day mommy tasks require a lot of bending over, and lifting my older children and I find that a typical sling doesn’t make me feel as safe as a wrap. My next requirement is that the baby can snooze away for long periods in the carrier, right now my daughter (at 5 ½ months, and 17lbs) is barely fitting into the soft structure carriers comfortably; I can always count on her napping very sound while in the Boba wrap which is priceless and does not occur in other carriers. I live in the hot and humid climate of Florida and the material of the Boba Wrap provides a more breathable option than many wraps on the market, which helps because the wrap is similar to adding an additional layer of clothing. I absolutely would recommend the Boba carrier to anyone wanting to wear their baby in a comfortable and cocoon like environment.

hen I first put my a 2 week old (7lbs, seen in photo) in the “Newborn” hold. I was amazed at how the first time I placed her into the carrier she opened her eyes right away and started looking around, and then fell sounds asleep moments later which is a true testament to how wonderful baby wearing with the Boba Wrap really is.

5 1/2 month oldI put my 5 ½ month old child, 17lb and 27 inches, in the “Love-Your-Baby” hold as depicted on Bobas’ tutorial. She is able to have enough freedom of movement in the carrier to explore her environment, as well as being able to fall asleep. I can use the shoulder fabric to cover her head partially to prevent her head from being jostled while she naps as well.

The Boba Wrap absolutely has a big learning curve, this is not a carrier you will attempt in the parking lot for the very first time. You will need to watch the video tutorial on Boba’s website and it will likely take you several attempts before you memorize the steps; many moms recommend wrapping the carrier before you leave the house so when you arrive at your destination you are already prepared. Once you get the hang of the carrier you will love it, so it’s worth the work.

Starting out at only $38 I think Boba is doing an amazing job of making baby wearing an affordable option for every family. This price point comes in at least $10 under some of the competitors. It has proven to be a workhorse carrier for me; I am very happy that I am still comfortably able to wear my daughter months later. The carrier shows no wear and tear, even after being machine washed twice. It is 5.5yrd in length which will accommodate a wide variety of body shapes in mothers (or fathers); the design of the wrap allows you to customize the fit each time you put it on. This is a great carrier to babywear with your newborn and young infant, it’s reasonably priced and comfortable. At this price point it would also make a wonderful baby shower gift for any expecting mom.

Win it!  Boba is giving away one Boba Wrap in winner’s choice of color or print.  

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Katrina received a wrap free of charge for her review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are her own. Kim is a Boba Ambassador and also received no compensation for her post.

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