Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket Review

Update: This brand no longer exists.
I’m a pocket loving cloth diapering mom so I get excited about trying new pocket cloth diapers.  This time I was able to review the new Perfect Pocket from Blissful Booty.  These cloth diapers come in either a minky exterior or the TPU version.  All diapers are one size, waterproof, have a stay dry suedecloth lining, and come with a bamboo insert.  They make an aplix or snaps version.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Pocket diapers aren’t a hard diaper to use on a baby. They go on and off mostly like a disposable after being stuffed with an insert. In this case, the insert stuffs into a narrow pocket and this just takes longer to do. The pocket opening has elastic so it stretches but once your hand is inside you are working with a pocket opening over your wrist. After stuffing the diaper it is easy to put on the baby. Even with 4 snaps per tab I didn’t find it too obnoxious to do. The aplix version was easier on and off.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The value is pretty good for 16-17 dollars. The diapers fit well, worked well, and look really cute. I will say many of you might need to buy a doubler to use with this diaper or a more absorbent insert. The included bamboo insert wasn’t enough for us even in the daytime which is unusual for my average wetter.  If the insert was more absorbent it would have scored better on the value scale.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ The diaper itself worked great and fit well. I did have leaks but I realized the cause was only related to the insert not being absorbent enough. I switched to a more absorbent insert and that fixed our issue.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ The fit was spot on for Everett on the middle rise snap. I felt he had a good amount of room left to grow in the waist. I really loved the elastic on the stomach, it looked very comfortable on him. With other cloth diapers with stomach elastic sometimes it is sewn too tight and it makes snapping or closing the aplix harder. Not so in this case.
Overall: The Perfect Pocket is a good diaper at a reasonable price. The minky with snaps was a favorite for me. I also reviewed the TPU with aplix. I never had any rubbing on the baby’s skin but the aplix was on the wide side.  They offer a few prints like the web one pictured.  My older son loved when his little brother was wearing it!  My favorite feature was the elastic in the front.
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