Beachfront Water Wrap- Babywearing for the Beach and Heat

Summertime is here and for our family that means we are at a waterpark or pool several times a week. Juggling and keeping everyone safe around water is a daunting task on my own with our three kids, (4yo, 2yo, and 6 months old). When I was asked to review the Beachfront Baby™ Water Wrap Carrier, I was so excited! Hands free in the pool? Why hadn’t I considered this option earlier?!

Beachfront Baby™ was founded by Diane, mother to four who like many of us needed extra hands during the summer activities. The water wraps are made here in the USA by WAHMs (which I LOVE), they come in 10 bright summer like colors and 3 size options (One-size/petite/ XL wrap). The one-size wrap is priced at $37.99, with an optional mesh carry bag for an additional $6.00. This price point makes it a great option for many families especially since they can use it for a day to day carrier as well, getting more bang for their buck (Many families even use it in the shower!).  I received the One-Size wrap and was able to tie the wrap in the front with only a small tail of extra material, I am 5’8, 120lbs so moms should pay attention to the measurements and you can always size up and tie a pretty bow. In effort to avoid harsh chemicals the Water Wrap Carriers are not coated with any UV protection, so use sunscreen as normal.


When the wrap arrived I was immediately very impressed with the color brochure and with step by step photograph instructions on how to use the wrap in two hold styles, Heart-to-heart or Forward Facing Hold (a position most wraps do not offer) (editor’s note- forward facing is not usually recommended and advice to do so should be considered carefully.  That being said, some babies enjoy short stints forward facing in a wrap or carrier that is well supportive.  Due to strain on the spine/pelvis it should be avoided) . The wrap I received was in a bright red color, called Tropical Punch, and the 100% polyester jersey resembles the mesh you would see in a football jersey or mesh athletic shorts.  My baby was sleeping so I grabbed my 2.5 year old, 28lbs and put her in the wrap. I have quite a lot of experience with wraps so I was able to do so rather effortlessly, those new to wraps will need a bit of practice to remember the steps and to discover how tight to wrap it for their child. Walking outside in the Florida heat I could quickly tell this material breathes so nicely, and is cool to the touch, my daughter was comfortable for a short walk before she asked to get out and run. She fit the wrap well even almost at the end of the 8-30lb weight range Beachfront Baby ™ suggested, and has since asked to be allowed back into the wrap at the pool.


Next test was for the baby of our house, 6 month 17lb Cadence. I was unsure of how tight to tie the wrap, but even leaving her a tad loose we were both comfortable, she was very happy and looked more secure than being held on my hip. My next few experiences with the water wrap were at a large community pool, so I needed to make sure she was much more snug so I could safely be hands free.  The material is said to have 2-way stretch vs. the typical 4-way stretch and to me it feels as if there is virtually no stretch, which is something I haven’t encountered before in babywearing, I’d love to see a stretch option in the future (editor’s note- it has been noted that, since this is designed foe water wearing, less stretch is used to be more secure when wet).
It took me a few minutes to slide chubby thighs through the tight material, due to the lack of give in the material I needed to make sure the fabric either spread all the way across her thighs to her knee or gathered along her buttock, anything in-between and I felt it was digging into her leg. The great news is that once she was in the wrap we were set to have fun, she loved it, and she was so secure I safely could attend to my other two water loving munchkins.  I trust the Beachfront Baby ™ water wrap enough that I can catch our kids coming down water slides and wade through water currents without fear of her slipping out or sliding around.  The Water Wrap Carrier will remain a must have pool bag item for this summer, and its bonus feature of camouflaging that post-partum tummy makes me love it that much more!  They can be found on Amazon for around $40 each!


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