Bamboo Bums Utility Diaper Review

Bamboo Bums Utility

Update: This brand is no longer in business.
Bamboo Bums is a WAHM and WAHG run and made company.  The diapers are all made from viscose from Bamboo. Bamboo has so many advantageous properties.  Even though it is now classified as Viscose from Bamboo or Rayon from Bamboo there are many reasons bamboo is good for your baby and your diapers.  Bamboo velour feels luxurious and soft on your baby’s skin.  It is a renewable resource.  Bamboo Bums uses organic bamboo for their products.  Other than the utility diaper Bamboo Bums offers bamboo prefolds, wetbags, and pail liners.


Ease of Use ✰✰ I hate to say it, but this diaper is a bit, complex! The rise work by folding down, and it was confusing at first how to do this. You can see in the video how when the diaper is folded over, you snap onto the snaps on the velour. When it is not folded, you snap on the white snaps beneath the top row of snaps. Now onto the lay in soaker. This is a very long soaker, so you need to fold it up. I think shortening the soaker would make things a tad easier, because they way I like to use this diaper is to fold the soaker onto the baby. If you fold it and lay it in ahead of time, you run the risk of misjudging how it will land, and then you have a leak on your hands. I fold it over the private parts, and the fold it up again, giving lots of wetness protection upfront. I do like that a lot, customizing the layers to where you need it. You could fold in the middle for a girl.  Even though this gets two stars that is for the initial learning curse.  When you spend some time with the diaper it will go to a four star like other snap diapers.
Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ I am going to tell you how well this diaper is made!  It looks luxurious and expensive.  The Bamboo, a fabric that feels super soft and squishy, is all that is on the inside against your baby’s skin.  The diaper retials for 32.00.  You are probably thinking that is a lot of money for a diaper.  Besides a one size diaper, you also get a trainer diaper, and a diaper you can use for swimming.  Though I caution you that the chlorine in pools might harm the PUL, maybe you can use it for river swimming or in the swimmin’ hole!  Plus you are supporting a WAHM!
Performance ✰✰✰✰ This diaper works great for daytime, and well enough for naps. If you are folding the rise down, you probably don’t want to use it for nights. The wetness can wick where the diaper folds over. I never had a soaking wet baby in the morning, but it was damp on his jammies from that. Now, I couldn’t test this because my son was too small, but, if you aren’t folding it over, you will probably be fine. Daytime and naps I never had that wicking issue since we were changing him sooner and he wasn’t as wet.
Fit ✰✰✰✰ I don’t think the Bamboo Bums will fit a newborn, but not many one size diapers so. If you fold the diaper over too much, you will still have a lot of fabric at the top, and it would be bulky. I can’t give you an exact date or weight I think it would fit, since my son is larger. I won’t guess either, because I stink at weight guessing! I can only attest to personal experience. I wil lsay that this diaper should fit a very large baby or toddler, especially babies with a larger waist. My son CAN cross the tabs over, but does well with them meeting. And there are way more snaps left on the waist. The rise is also high when unfolded. If you need a diaper for larger toddlers check these out.

Overall- There are alot of things I like about this diaper.  The lining is super soft and organic.  The PUL comes in some interesting colors, I had the olive and it is gorgeous.  There are lots of snaps, and those are intimidating and hard to affix when the baby is wriggling but so many snaps cam also mean lots of size variations.  The best part of the diaper is the versatility.  The different size soakers and the ability to fold them where you need it is handy.  The biggest drawback of this diaper is that wetness can wick to the bamboo when the sizing is folded over.  This only happened to me overnight when the soaker was saturated.  I got a really nice fit with the diaper but it took me some time to figure it out.  Just be patient with this diaper and give yourself some time to learn how it works.  I promise once you get it right you will enjoy it!

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