Babywearing a Newborn

I was so excited to wear this newest baby.  While pregnant with my first son I knew I would wear him.  I decided wraps were too complicated and purchased a ring sling.  I couldn’t quite get the hang of it so I didn’t wear Fletcher much until I bought my Ergo from Craigslist.  Then I was hooked.

For this newborn I knew I would wrap him, and sling him, and wear him in SSC’s.  He would get a taste of them all.


2 weeks

Wraps are amazing for the newborn phase.  If you are into the “4th Trimester” thinking this really is the way to go.  They are warm, snug, secure, and right next to your heart.  The Sugar Sweet Baby wrap I reviewed worked like a charm.  When the baby has very little head control a wrap can hold their head tightly down on your chest.  It is a VERY hands free way to wear your baby.  You could jump on a trampoline and as long as they are wrapped correctly they would stay put.  (note: don’t do this lol)

Personally, I used the wrap the most during the first month.  If I knew I was going out I would pre-wrap and place him inside in the car when we arrived.  Wrapping in a parking lot is hard, especially when there is snow on the ground.  Around the house I wrapped the little guy to get work done.  This enabled me to type and hold the baby, or chase after that 2 year old of mine.


9 Days old. Maya sling

After the “newborn” phase I prefer a ring sling.  Once that baby has decent head control a ring sling is an easy way to babywear.  If your goal is to nurse in a carrier a ring sling is the easiest to do this, you can nurse on both sides easily as well.  I start off in the tummy to tummy hold, I skip the cradle altogether.  You can bring the sling up and behind their heads to give support.

I began wearing Ev in the sling at a few days old but definitely preferred the wrap when he was that old.  I started him out with his legs tucked in and tummy to tummy.  Slings are great to keep in the car for quick trips.  They take less time to get the baby in and out than a wrap or SSC.  I also liked them for around the house when I was just needing to wear him for a short period of time.

Kangaroo, first try, early at 7 weeks

At about 7 weeks I started leaving his legs out since he was big enough for that.  I have worn him in the ring sling and nursed him in tons of places and it is fabulous!  I can now wear him “kangaroo” style  (frog legged facing out) comfortably since he has great head control.  I started around 10 weeks with this.

Soft Structure Carriers:

In the grand scheme of babywearing the SSC gets the most use in my family.  My first son lived in the Ergo after he turned 3 months up until he was 18 months or so.  I started wearing Everett in the Beco while using the newborn insert when he was about 3-4 weeks old, but only on occsasion.  When he reached about 2 months the SSC got used a lot more.  When we go shopping I use the Beco the most.  I just adore my Scooters print that I got used on Diaperswappers in a trade.  I also have the Owls print Beco, and a black Ergo.  Maybe one of these days I will go into the differences between the 2 brands.

Beco with infant insert

I definitely find a SSC buckling carrier the most comfortable once they are larger as well.  My guy is already over 14 pounds now.  I stopped using the infant insert in the Beco when he was 12 pounds.  This insert just keeps them higher up and safer.

As for nursing in the SSC, the Ergo has been easier than the Beco.  I just find loosening the straps easier.  The Beco is just so adorable though!

Life without carriers with a newborn and a 2 year old would have been virtually impossible.  I was able to take my toddler to playgroups and activities, starting just a few days after giving birth, while keeping the infant happy and snug.

Did you wear your newborn?  Any favorite carriers or brands?

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