BabyKicks Bumboo One Size Review

Babykicks Bumboo OS

Like many of the diaper reviews I have posted lately, I first saw the Bumboo in Vegas at the ABC Kids Expo.  I was intrigued by the fleece leg gussets and the interesting shape and sizing of the diaper.  The Bumboo should fit babies 7-30 pounds, and BabyKicks will be working on improving the waist snaps so it can fit babies up to 40 pounds.

***FYI, this video was a PITA.  I already edited it and lost it, edited again with a less than cooperative editing software.  I am happy it is done.  If you are wondering why I am not wearing pants in the video it is because he peed on them during filming.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰ While it is true that there are only 4 snaps to use for each change, I have had some difficulty keeping them snapped while I change my son.  Mainly, it is because they are a little tight on him, but the last setting is too loose.  Sometimes one will pop open, which can be annoying.  Stuffing the diaper has also been a challenge.  The front pocket opening is quite small, and I had a hard time getting the insert to lay in the front completely flat since the front tapers to a smaller size than the waist.  The rise settings are very easy to change since they snap up or down.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ At around 18 dollars it is the average retail price of a one size pocket diaper.  You do get a better insert than most since it is made from hemp, and you get the nice fleece gussets, a feature unique to the Bumboo.  It would have received a 4 star rating had the size range gone to 40 pounds.  Since there is a possibility you will need more diapers once a baby grows out of these, it had to get a 3.  I will say it has lots of luxury for the price point though.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ The diaper can hold a lot of pee, and I have changed him many times where he had a heavy diaper.  The leg gussets never leaked the pee through, which is the concern for some.  I tried the diaper overnight completely unsnapped and it leaked.  Snapped down one setting it didn’t leak, so it was a fit issue for us.

Fit ✰✰✰ As I mentioned before, the diaper fits 7-30 pounds.  At 30 pounds my son is between the unsnapped rise and snapped down one.  It feels a little too tight on the smaller setting and a little too loose on the largest.  On the waist it still fits him with one snap on each side, waist and tights.  I would like to see the sizing improved some, and it would make it a stronger contender in the one size market.

Overall- There are lots of features to like about the Bumboo, the leg gussets, the soft fleece lining, hemp joey bunz insert, colorful snaps, and the stylish look.  However, there are some kinks to be worked  out as far as fit goes, which I hope to see fixed on the next version.  it is good at holding in the leaks and I think now it would fit a small baby just fine.

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