Baby Beehinds Minkee Magic-All Review

Baby Beehinds Minkee

I was asked to review the Magic All made by Baby Beehinds.  I was able to peruse all of the lovely Baby Beehinds products when I attended ABC Kids Expo.  I also reviewed their Wool Cover during my fabulous “All About Wool” Week recently.

I was really excited about reviewing the Magic-All Minky because it was my first Minky Diaper.  There are a lot of minky fans out there, but I had never gotten around to trying one myself.  I received the Magic-All Minky in Licorice, and loved having a black diaper!  I will say that the product photos on the website show licorice as having a grey sheen, which was not the case in real life.  It is a dark black diaper.

About Baby Beehinds Magic-All:

Baby BeeHinds Minkee Magic Alls are a ‘true’ AIO with a twist! Made with a velvety soft Minkee/PUL outer, non-pill suede cloth inner and sewn-in soaker pad of 4 layers of microfiber terry-cloth, these diapers facilitate very quick and easy diaper changes! Our Magic-Alls ALSO have a pocket opening sewn in to the back of the diaper… so you can use this as an AIO diaper, AND you have the ability to customize the absorbency to suit baby’s own needs at times when extra absorbency might be needed! If baby is a heavy wetter or the diaper will need to be worn for an extended period, such as during nap-time, simply insert a bamboo ‘Boost-It’ (1 included with each diaper) and the absorbency of your Minkee Magic Alls is immediately doubled! Cross over snaps for the perfect fit. No cover needed – the plush minkee outer is far too gorgeous!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ This diaper has snaps, and we all know that my rating system takes a star away automatically for that.  There are a total of 4 snaps to affix, but since it is an All in One, you don’t even have to stuff the diaper before use.  You also won’t need to worry with laundry tabs.  Snapping diapers can be challenging with those wriggly babies like mine, who likes to stand up or roll over while being changed.  But, so can aplix diapers!  You will need to either run your dryer cycle twice, or let this diaper air dry for a day or two.  Like most All in Ones, this take a long time to dry.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ The Minky makes this diaper a little pricier than most.  And, compared to the traditional PUL Magic-All, it is quite a bit more!  I am conflicted on the value.  Other Minky diapers run 30.00 plus, whereas this one is 26.00.  The new PUL version is only, 20.50 dollars.

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ No complaints here!  The soaker is absorbent enoughfor day and nap time use.  I used a microfiber doubler for overnights.  No leaking whatsoever.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ The fit if this diaper is pretty good for my son.  He has the snaps almost touching.  Since it is a sized diaper I have a hard time believing a diaper would need the second cross over snap.  In the video, you can see how tiny the waist gets, but with the rise being that long would a baby ever need that?  If it were a one size diaper that would make sense to me.  The legs were not loose, but close.  He is on the average size of thighs, so maybe a baby with skinny legs would possibly need the thigh holes tighter.  This is conjecture since I only tested this on my son.  The rise is pretty perfect.  It is on the higher end of rises for medium diapers I have tried, but that doesn’t bother me.  In fact, that means there is lots of room for growth.

Overall- The Minkee Magic-All comes in some really fabulous colors!  I had a hard time deciding, truthfully.  And the minky is nice and soft!  I love that it is an All in One with the pocket for nights.  And I love snap diapers, so win there too.

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