Baby Signing!

I think now is the time to start teaching my son baby signs.  For anyone not familiar, baby signing is not for the hearing impaired.  It is a way to babies to learn language when they are still incapable of speech.  Their brains understand but they are still too young to vocalize.

I am actually clueless on where to start.  I have not purchased any books or DVD’s.  We received  a Baby Einstein DVD but it isn’t something that is going to teach my son signs.  I will be the one teaching.

The first sign I am going to show him will be milk.  I have chosen this since he naturally makes this sign while nursing.  He opens and closes his hands as he eats.  It is adorable.  I am kicking myself for not starting this sooner.  I honestly thought it was too early.  But now that I am finally researching it I should have started showing him signs earlier.  He will still be able to learn of course.

As soon as he signs himself you better believe I will post a video.  For now he can watch me sign and hopefully connect the signs to the action.

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